Skinny Dipping with Barry M

So I’ve gone and done it again. I was doing my weekly shop and I accidentally slipped and some nail polish fell into my trolley. However, it wasn’t just a new shade this time, oh no! It was a new formulation, at least it was new to me.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail paint in the colour Skinny Dip.


The Coconut infusion polish claims to be made with coconut products such as oil and water, alongside vitamins B & C and Hexanal (whatever that may or may not be) to help strengthen and hydrate nails. In essence giving them an overhaul whilst looking fabulous. It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t and I actually kinda like it.

The pigment is strong, it takes two coats and I’m good to go. Skinny Dip is a beautiful, off white/beige colour, a bit of a statement nude if you will. It’s a visible colour but neutral and wearable. I feel like it would compliment any skin colour and adds a little clean cut sophistication to a look… like if you want to be all pastel coloured for the summer but still taken seriously.


The consistency is just what I look for in a polish: not so runny it drips, dribbles or runs away from you, but not so thick that it doesn’t lay properly and creates those weird, sticky, spit strings when you pull the brush away. It creates thin layers (obviously that’s down to how heavy handed you are with it too) and the curved paddle brush is super helpful as it follows the natural shape of the nail. The dry time is pretty decent too. It survived a pretty extreme smudge test (barring the slice mark/smudge thing on my middle finger… but that was me being over ambitious and trying to open a bottle when they obviously weren’t dry.) I found it to be touch dry in around 1-2 minutes.

Also there’s no need for a base or top coat! I’ve always used both simply because a base coat is almost a necessity with other Barry M nail polishes and top coats make things look all shiny and dreamy and finished. Yet, this is super glossy and finishes with a lovely shine (although you might want a top coat to try and prevent wear. It’s a bog standard nail polish and longevity is the same as most others), and according to the Barry M site, base coats stop all the coconutty goodness from getting into your nails!


There aren’t too many colours available in the range and all are lighter pastel shades, but I’m sure they will bring out a few more. The smell is also quite pungent on first whiff.  They retail on the Barry M website for £4.99, which can make you do the oh-that’s-pricey face cringe, however if I were to splurge and treat myself, I’d do it with this brand.

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Rudey Nudey!

‘Ello lovely people!

Ladies and gents, it’s time to go nude… on your nails I mean.

I picked up the Rimmel 60 second super shine polish in No. 513 Let’s Get Nude. I was impressed with the Rita Ora polish I used the last time the UK saw a hint of sunshine, so I had a gander at the full Rimmel range the next time I was in for a new shade.

Rimmel nude polish 2

The colour is a beautiful nude shade. Very warm, peachy, subtle and wearable, it’s much like an orangey beige. Maybe that is the best way to describe it, as it’s not really “nude” for all skin tones. The pigmentation was average as I could still see the natural nail under the first coat. Two coats are definitely needed to get an opaque, block colour.

However, if you’re in a hurry this might not be the best polish for you. It could be that my application was little heavy handed, or the first coat wasn’t as dry as I thought, but the dry time wasn’t the most ideal. The first coat was touch dry in around 3-5 minutes, the second coat however, that was a different story entirely. I applied a second coat and waited for about 2 1/2 hours (sitting still, as I was talking to a friend over Skype. You’ve got to occupy yourself somehow when you’ve got wet nails!) I then went to bed, noting how I seemed to have managed to get an imprint on one of my nails already. When I woke up the next day I noticed that not one of my nails had survived the night. Every single one had deep, fabric prints on them.

Rimmel nude polish 1 - WM

Before the dreaded smudges, the actual finish was very elegant and hi shine, but the laborious dry time ruined it a bit. I like the colour, but I’m not crazy about it as I am one for a bit of sparkle and pizazz. Then again, for work or an occasion where chunky glitter or confetti isn’t the best option, I like it. There is a smart glamour about a nude nail that appeals to my more chic side… whatever that is!

If, like me, you like to add a little something extra, I found that the Along Came Betty Nail Colour in shade no. 301 Dollar, worked really well layered on top. It picked up the warm tones without covering it completely, but added a pink/gold shimmer. Not enough to make it outlandish, but enough to make it pop.

ACB polish 1

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Going for Gold

‘Ello lovely people!

Today I’m feeling more blinged out than Beyonce, and I’ll tell you for why. Lacura beauty Mirror shine in no. 01 Gold.

You may have seen my previous review of the rose gold/copper colour in this brand, but I’m working through the metallic shades before I move into the pastel colours for spring because, for some reason, I feel obliged to wear pastel in spring. Maybe it subliminally helps animals to birth or something. Quick everyone shade match some chalk, I need to help this sheep in labour.



These nails do make me feel very glam, like I need to wear a long chiffon dressing gown and sweep about my marble mansion sipping martinis. Yet, this range does not go without it’s flaws and this colour is no different.

The colour is incredibly pigmented, and the dry time is insanely fast, but the fact that it dries so fast means that it streaks. If you don’t mind painting your fingers a little and going back in with a varnish remover soaked Q-tip, then by loading your brush up and just swiping it over you nails in one hit may remedy this. It also doesn’t seem to matter how many coats you have let dry either, a streak on the top layer can remove ALL of the paint, so watch out!

Once again, it does seem to chip easily, but the brand is a cheaper one, sold through the budget supermarket Aldi. So, for the price, the odd small chip does not fuss me too much, as they are easy enough to cover. However, if you are in the market for a special occassion manicure, maybe these aren’t for you. Yet, for a quick, every day fix, I feel they are pretty good.


The size of the bottle is good, and with the pigment so strong and the finish reasonably sleek once you master getting it on quick enough, I feel there is a value for money there. I would re-purchase, at least to keep it aside for those lazy days where you want to feel extra fancy with minimal time and effort.

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Feeling that Rose Gold Vibe.

Hello you lovely lot!


I am loving the aray of copper and rose gold things out at the moment (I had to hold back in Tesco the other day when I saw an entire rose gold kitchen set that didn’t need.) This year, I got a stocking filler that I got a wee bit too excited over: rose gold nail polish.

This particular brand is the Lacura Beauty Mirror Shine and in the colour 03 Bronze. Much like a chrome finish nail polish, when dry it sits somewhere between a regular polish and pearlescent one. It isn’t so much a “mirror”. I mean, it isn’t so polished that you can see your reflection, maybe it’s more “steamed up mirror after you’ve had a shower”. Either way it is still incredibly pretty.

More on the pink side, the shade is warm and relatively neutral. I would class it as definitely SFW (safe for work for those, like me, who still need to use Urban Dictionary to get through the day). It seems classy but with an edge, it’s not your everyday powder pink or warm beige with a gel shine (if that’s even a thing. You see what I’m getting at though, right?)


The dry time is incredibly quick, so wonderful if you’re a wriggler like me. I put on a last minute, quick coat whilst trying to get ready for a night out and not a single smudge occurred through all the coats, zips and toilet trips. However, if you like to take your time, it could, in fact, be a polish that dries too quickly! I know, that sentence feels weird to me too. A nail polish that dries too quickly? Let me explain.

As soon as this polish hits your nail it begins to dry. So if you take too long trying to get a perfect, even coat, it starts to catch and streak. Yet, if you load your brush up (because one coat gives a good, even coverage) and go for gold, just whacking it on, then you should be fine. The second time I used it, it took me three coats to get it perfect, as I took my time and noticed a little streaking (but only because I sat and studied them) but after a third coat they look wonderful.

The down side to this polish is that it recommends you don’t use a top coat, as you may spoil the effect. Therefore, chipping is likely. Especially on the tips where natural wear occurs. It’s not horrendous or particularly obvious, but it is there, just one working day after applying it. It is possible to cover chips and I have found it blends quite well once dry, yet it might be worth another coat on top if it looks a little slap dash.

I would definitely use this polish again, because it suits me, my girly side and my impatient side down to the ground!

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Have I Found The Perfect Morticia Red? |Nail Polish Review.

Dun-dun-dun-dun *click click*, dun-dun-dun-dun *click click*

‘Ello you creepy little lot!

How are we all?

Halloween is fast approaching, but I’m saving the nail art cobwebs for the big day itself. Yet, I did come across a beautiful blood red shade, which would be perfect if anyone is thinking of dressing up as Morticia Addams this year!


Yes, it’s another Barry M polish from the Gelly Hi-Shine range, however, this time I have gone big and bold with the colour Blood Orange, no. 520.

What I liked about this shade is, first and fore mostly, how bright it was. It is a real, stand out, pillar box red. You can’t miss it! A lot brighter than the wine shades I know and love. As with most Barry M products, the pigmentation is very good and only one coat is needed to get good coverage and colour. No streaks, no blotches or patches. I was pleasantly surprised!

It is a shade on the slightly more orange side of red, but only incredibly slight, to the point where you couldn’t even see it. I only noticed the first time I put it on after having worn very light colours all through the summer. It is also a nice shade of red for this time of year: bright enough to still feel summery but dark enough to start feel autumnal, before you slip into your dark greys and wine reds (I have them all at the ready!)


The shine was quite good, I didn’t feel like I needed a top coat to add that freshly polish gleam. I did, however, add a top coat as the wear isn’t as good as some of the lighter colours. Probably just because it is far more noticeable with brighter or deeper colours. The further from the natural nail colour, the worse the wear looks. That’s just how it is. Although, I found the tips incredibly easy to touch up and the fresh coats blended really well with the rest of the nail.

The dry time was relatively quick and I was impressed. I think because you only need one coat to get that vibrant rd colour all over, it’s easier to leave the layers thinner and therefore they dry faster. NAIL LOGIC… BOOM.

This is honestly a beautiful, in your face red, that makes me feel strong, polish and a little bit wicked!

P.S. Happy Back to the Future day!! We all made it and we actually have some sort of hovercraft (it’s not a hovercraft, its an electric skateboard turned sideways, but we tried!) So everyone watch out for that DeLorean, ok? Ok.

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Nutty Nails – Barry M review

It was a buy-one-get-one-half-price in Superdrug ok? I know I don’t need any more nail polish, but I really wanted to get a neutral shade, instead of all those neon colours I’ve been hoarding from my “alternative” phase. Therefore, whilst I was browsing the wracks I spotted a few lighter, more natural shades in the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range, eventually going for the colour Almond, 525.


I have a love for Barry M, since the colours are bold, bright and incredibly pigmented. They seem to last for quite a while as well. I have a bright yellow and slime green that are still going strong about 5 years on! As stated on the bottle, you really do need a base coat with Barry M nail polishes, simply to protect your nails. The colours are so intense and so pigmented, they can stain. I went with my Maybelline Dr. Rescue All in One, as per. I also used this as a top coat too because… all in one duh! Why buy two when you could just buy one?! I’m on top of this nail biz I tell you!

I also paired this colour with a mixed texture, champagne gold glitter from Beauty Box. It doesn’t have a specific name, it was just one of those ones I saw in a set in a charity shop and thought, “ooo bargain!”


As I have said before, Barry M polishes are incredibly pigmented, and this is no exception. One relatively thick coat and I was ready to go. I found that the consistency is great too. Not super thin, leaving you with streaks or uneven layers and not so thick it’s gloopy and sticking to everything, leaving dog-eye-booger-esque strings from pot to nail.

It dries relatively quickly, quicker than I thought for a polish of this consistency and leaves an okay shine. It’s not as shiny as you would expect when the phrase “hi-shine” is in it’s name. The finish is little bit hit and miss with a few of my nails looking really polished and a few looking rather dull once dried. Nothing you can’t fix with a good top coat, but still, that was a little disappointing. That may, however, have just been me not having the patience to let it dry fully before getting ants in my pants and needing to do something.


The colour is lovely, but a little odd. It actually seems to have a purple tinge to it once it dries (something I am not opposed to). The longer I wore it, the more purple it seemed to get. Even my friends asked me if it was a shade of purple or a fawny brown. They couldn’t even tell. I think if you are wanting a very neutral colour, maybe Lychee would be a better shade for you.

The wear on it was relatively good. For someone who works with their hands a lot, after around 3 days there was only a little bit of wear on the tips, which is unavoidable really. I would think it could last you up to 5 days before it needed re-doing, depending on your top/base coat, what you’re doing, how many coats you put on and the condition of your nails. I was happy with it and have worn it several times. I feel that a little touch of sparkle is needed to lift it, but I say that about everything.

A lovely neutral shade, with good pigmentation and good wear.

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Top of the Tips – French Manicure hacks.

‘Ello my loves!

Yes, another nail polish post for you all. I love painting my nails, I find it relaxing and I always feel like I have got my s**t together when my nails are freshly painted. My favourite look right now is a classic french manicure, or french tip, whatever you know it by.

However, you may or may not have realised that whilst I love being all girly from time to time and doing typically girly things, I SUCK at it from time to time too. I am a total fidget bum, impatient and get bored easily, so general nail care common sense goes completely out of the window when it comes to me.

Let me know if you’re the same. Is it just me? I just hate sitting still and waiting for my nails to dry, or I’ll think they’re dry and the sneaky polish will trick me and just wrinkle straight on up! I guess it’s all a learning curve.


Here are 3 of my most frequently used tips and tricks that I have found over the years. These often help me to achieve french tips when I’m being lazy, impatient or do not have the time, funds or effort levels needed to go out and buy all the bits and bobs.


1. You don’t need that pink base.

Most french manicure kits come with a pink or “natural” base colour. Eh. Who needs a base colour? I’ve got perfectly good actual nails sitting on the end of my phalanges. I find just giving my real nail a good buffing, taking care of my cuticles (and giving them a gentle shove downwards) and then applying a good, clear base coat, actually looks more natural and the colour matches my skin too!

In some cases putting on a coloured base coat in order to hide the natural line between your nail and nail tip is needed and if that’s the case, feel free to use a coloured base coat. It’s up to you, but don’t let those little kits fool you into thinking you HAVE to use it. Use it if you want to, they’re your nails and you know what you want and what looks best (and what you can bothered with!)

2. You don’t need those little stickers either!

All you need is a steady hand and a good sideways swipe. If you run out or don’t fancy using the nail stickers/templates, that’s ok! I have found that (with a bit of practice) if you get a good amount of polish on the brush, take your time to line up your starting point properly and then swipe horizontally across the tip of your nail, you achieve a perfectly acceptable straight line. Once you feel comfortable going free hand, you can introduce the slight curve that the stickers give too.

If you do still want to use the stickers, which is more than ok, but don’t have any to hand, it’s no secret that using half a ring reinforcement sticker does a similar job and for a fraction of the price! See, stationary doesn’t just make your desk look pretty!

3. Cheat it a little!

I cheat the edges on my french tips. As I rarely use a bottom colour and just a whack on a thin base coat, once the tip colour is tacky and very nearly dry, I nudge any obviously wobbly edges into place using another clean/dry nail. That way you can neaten up that line. Also, a thick, heavy duty top coat also helps to blur the sharper edges that doing that might bring about… I did it in the picture above!

4. Don’t be afraid to get a little jazzy!

You don’t have to stick to white! You don’t even need to stick to a clear base coat. You could have red nails with gold tips for a bit of Gryffindor sparkle (yes, I went there) or go for natural nails but with a bright blue tip and glitter! It’s entirely up to you. Just don’t feel that you have to stick to the traditional design to get a cool or pretty looking french tip!

If I’m feeling particularly fancy I attempt a falling glitter look. Originally I followed a super easy Youtube tutorial by szuchnic, which I will link/put below for you, but after I watched it I just did my own interpretation of it with the polish I had to hand. It looks rather snazzy if I do say so myself!

Here’s her super simple glitter, gradient nail tutorial:


Have fun guys and I hope this helped!


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Candy Nails & Stacking Rings!

‘Ello my loves!

I’ve been at it again, but when you see a fancy nail polish for 50p tucked away in the clearance aisle, what’s a girl to do? Probably just leave it and carry on your grocery shopping would be the sensible idea… but when did I ever claim to be sensible?


My new nail polish is from the Rimmel London ‘Sweetie Crush’ collection and is in the colour no. 10 Fizzy Applelicious. I know, I’m not sold on the odd name or blatant piggy back from the Candy Crush hype either. It’s not the worst thing I have heard though, it just reminds me of those fun named, peel off polishes I used to muck about with when I was 10.

Pros to this polish are that the colour is soft and wearable, although sherbet green in the bottle it applies with more of a golden tone (a con in its own right). It applies well, gives good coverage and dries surprisingly quickly (just make sure your first coat is DEFINITELY dry, which is nail common sense… that I generally ignore. Oops!) It is incredibly sparkly, which I love being the magpie I am, but I understand that’s not for everyone. The texture is as it says on the bottle: “Sugar textured nails.” However, it doesn’t feel too rough or tend to catch.

(What does catch is my broken nails every damn time I go to work and take chunks out of them… I broke a nail AND cut my finger on a cardboard box the other day! Cardboard! What is wrong with me?!)11354988_10153383052486310_1385517116_n

Cons are the colour, if you were really going for the pastel green shade, you won’t get it with this polish. It also tends to chip around the edges easily, so it definitely requires a top coat. The packaging (whilst mine was grubby, I expect from being picked up, put down and thrown around a lot… hence finding itself the reduced section) is simple and sticks to the theme. Yet, it feels less old school sweet shop and more booby prize at a carnival. All I’m saying is the candy stripe sticker around the label could have been left off or stuck all the way around it.

From the packaging and the name I have a feeling that this polish is aimed at younger teens, maybe taking their first step into the world of branded make up. It doesn’t stop it from being a decent polish though.

= ALSO =

I just want to very quickly talk about my rings in the last photo. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I JUST KEEP POINTING AT THINGS SO I CAN LOOK AT THEM.

All are silver knuckle rings, made from a nickel free base metal. They came in two sets, one set of 5 simple, dainty silver stacking rings: 4 plain and one with a delicate little crescent moon on it and the other is a cuff ring printed with the phrase ‘La Lune’ and a small crescent moon also.

I haven’t taken the cuff ring off yet, I just adore it.

I purchased both sets from a lovely lady called Anna through her Etsy shop StaxxDesignsLLP, which you can find here! She sells lots of lovely, unique jewellery at reasonable prices, shipped from the UK. I received them quickly, they were beautifully packaged in clean organza and silk drawstring bags and wrapped in tissue paper.

Just lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

(My old English teacher would be ashamed at how many times I used lovely in this post. What? It’s the word of the day, OK? OK.)

Have a swell day folks!

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Ooo, Barry M, You Silky Devil.



I managed to score another nail bargain at Tesco the other day: Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Pearl No. 435 for £1. Say what?!  I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I have to say I am not all that disappointed.

I am usually someone who, when going to all the effort of painting my nails, i.e. eating, peeing and setting up important things within reach of the chosen painting spot in preparation for not being able to use my fingers for 20 minutes in case of the old smudgeroos, really likes a shiny, polished finish.  However, this polish is super pigmented and with a pearlised, shimmery look when dried and isn’t the most subtle of polishes and colours.  It does look very on trend and frosty, but it is difficult to get a clean edge.


Up sides are that it gives good coverage in one coat, but may need a second to finish the look depending on how daring you are the first time around, and that it dries relatively quickly.  I felt that it was a little stark for me and needed something extra to make me feel satisfied once it was covering my phalanges.

Whilst it stands out, it doesn’t seem finished, as if something is missing. That may just be me though, needing to throw glitter at everything. In the end I paired it with a basic, fine, holographic glitter nail polish I picked up in a charity shop, but I believe was originally from Primark.


By adding this to my ring finger on each hand (the nail obviously, I haven’t just painted myself… although…NO, BAD IDEA), I felt that it gave the polish the pop it needed. Now I just need to decide if glitter is necessary all over. These are the questions that haunt me.

I know, first world problems, right?

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The BEST Nail Polish for a Casual Glitter Look!


Browsing through the outlet shops I stumbled upon an incredibly sparkly nail polish that had a real shine to it I had not seen before. I have a serious case of magpie eyes; the shinier and sparklier, the better.

I bought the Ciaté glitter polish in Looking Glass, no. 131Original retail price is £9.00 (pretty pricey for a nail polish) but I got mine reduced to £3.00. The presentation of the bottle is clean and fun and the small, ribbon bow is a really sweet touch for a stand alone product.


The size of the bottle and coverage are both relatively good (this particular bottle being 13.5 ml). I was impressed with the quantity, but then for £9.00, you would expect a fair amount! One thin coat gives an even but decent coverage. Enough to give a holographic sparkle to any colour you put it over, but not enough to give a solid silver pigment. However, two to three coats will give a silver colour and a disco ball finish; beautiful.

The micro fine glitter shines an array of rainbow colours when the light hits it, but remains soft and understated. It would give an air of elegance to a more dressed up look and a gentle touch of sparkle to a more casual look. It is easily wearable without being obnoxious or overly obvious like some glitter polishes on the market, such as chunky glitters or bright or bold, block coloured glitters.


I paired my look with Make Up Gallery, Time to Shine Nail Colour in Winter White, no.2. This polish I actually got from the pound shop, and I have to say I am relatively impressed with it! I just wanted some basic colours to use as base colours, and these are cheap, cheerful and do the trick.

When I first put the glitter polish on top of the white colour, I thought it gave the colour a dirty finished look, but then once I had done a second coat of glitter and the light hit it, I realised just what a lovely effect the glitter gave. It reminded me a little of Cinderella and the gentle but magical sparkle of her dress. Understated, elegant and magical.

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