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I’m Kate, a slightly awkward Brit who feels like she’s bridging the gap between Georgia Nicholson and Bridget Jones IRL. Attempting to make people think I’m cool via the erroneous and irresponsible use of hashtags, pop culture references, wearing sunglasses inside and (if all else fails) plying them with baked goods.

The kind of person who waves at strangers and then pretends I’m fixing my hair when I realise, acts like I’ve just got a text when I’m walking the wrong way, so I have an excuse to turn around and responds to ‘Happy Birthday’ with ‘you too’. I normally just stay inside TBH.

Big advocate of cake, theatre, bad dance moves, sarcasm, laughter as medicine and 80s movies.

Once started a sing-a-long on a tube during rush hour.

Some important things to clear up:

Vanilla ice cream > Chocolate ice cream.

Puppies and Kittens are equal.

Ignorance, arrogance and vanity are the worst.

Witt, compassion and open mindedness are the best.

The thought always counts.

You care, I care.

Laughter is key… crying and chocolate also help and I’m fine with that.

I think a mile a minute and talk even faster.

I like Pina Coladas but not getting caught in the rain.

I don’t think Rick Astley would ever give you up or let you down.

I’m currently snort laughing at my own jokes – Oh yeah, I snort laugh at my own jokes too.

What a catch!



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