What exactly is a Clumsy Koi Carp?

The name, I admit, is a little bizarre but aren’t we all?

Have you ever felt like a big fish in  a little pond, or that people think you are too different to be elegant, pretty or fit in?  Well, whilst all my friends had goldfish when we were young, my cousin kept Koi Carp. They were always so different and I thought that were beautiful. Then I heard one of my other, younger, cousins call them fat, ugly fish. I never understood why? Maybe because they were not goldfish. Maybe because they had a moustache. Maybe because, next to some of the other fish, they were chunky, wiggled their fins too obnoxiously and jumped out of the water too often.

I thought they were the sassiest fish in the pond.

Why be a goldfish when you can be a koi carp?

I must say, through all efforts to be elegant and lady like, sometimes my hand eye co-ordination escapes me.

Here have a picture: cropped-clumsykoicarp.jpeg


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