New Year, Stronger You.

Hello 2018

Oh hey there 2018, look at you girl! Storming your way in, both literally and metaphorically (come on Storm Eleanor). Almost a month in and the weather is topsy turvy. I’m just waiting for those leather jacket days to come back because I’ve got some fabulous new pins to add onto my somewhat already crowded lapels.

So it’s a new year. A new chapter. A new beginning, and we all know what that means. It’s time to reinvent ourselves and start the new year off with a new you… again. I mean, it’s always a work in progress in my books so let’s put up those construction signs and learn how to work them. I say, don’t bother trying to be a new you, instead be a stronger you and be it unapologetically. Find yourself, find your passions, find your people and live your life authentically and y’know, all that jazz. Just be yourself and don’t compromise your happiness so that light can shine on someone else. OK? OK.

I usually enter a new year, no not purse first, but following my gut. I usually have some sort of feelings, one way or another, about the year, however 2018 has got me feeling numb. I have no idea. New Year’s Eve I felt like a lost eyelash on the nightclub floor. Sometimes I have a feeling of exploration, like I am going to travel somewhere or be exposed to somewhere or something new. Sometimes I have sudden wave of patience, as if the universe is telling me to be calm and wait. To prep for something that is coming. Sometimes I get a wind of motivation that catapults me forwards and I become inspired by new ideas or different things, as if there’s something telling me to persevere, to carry on creating. This year, I have no idea. No inkling from my psychic colon. I’m going into it blind, but who knows.

So this year, I’m going to live. Just live and let live. Go on adventures, do new things, expand my horizons. A year to tie up loose ends, strengthen my weaknesses and become a better, more authentic version of myself, who I love dearly.

Let’s make 2018 a year of love and happiness. Fill it with smiles.



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