It’s a Blue and Silver Affair.

Honestly, right now, everything is Disney. Since it was my first holiday in five years, and I’m a sucker for glitter and fairytales, Disney was where I set my sights. I just wanted to revel in the magic and forget the real world exists, and when forgetting about the real world the best place to go is somewhere that does it darnedest to create it’s very own world. Where traces of outside misery stop at the front gates.

Disneyland Paris are so ready for this special occasion. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris and the entire place is draped in silver and blue and a whole lot of pixie dust.

25TINK1CKCOnce you’ve adventured through the main entrance, beneath the Disneyland Hotel, you are greeted by backdrops of blue sequins, sporting silver, line drawn faces of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto, fluttering in the breeze. In the centre sits this magical screen, made to replicate the others around the park that adorn the signs and lampposts. As Tinkerbell flicks her wand, the 25 turns into a sparkling sketch of Aurora’s castle, the same as the one that sits centre stage at the Paris resort. 25DLPCKCStepping out onto Main Street, the anniversary bandstand greets you, another blue and silver “25” disc adorning the front of it and Tinkerbell perched on the very top.  In every flower bed, a whole array of succulents, coloured metallic blue and silver, draw out patterns of stars and swirls. It’s a little mesmerising actually. There are so, SO many. Not only do they line the flower beds and fill the gaps in between barriers and in corners, they also make a nice base for the new, anniversary statues of Mickey and friends. FLOWERSCKCAs you make your way through to the castle huge flower beds, with the succulents positioned in giant contrasting stars surround mirrored stands, on top of which sit brand new, blue and silver (with a few accents of course) statues of a few of Disney’s most famous creations. Each also had an element that lit up; Mickey is presenting Minnie with a glowing diamond, Donald is giving Daisy a shining necklace, Goofy is throwing a luminous frisbee for Pluto and Tinkerbell (who seems to be championing the celebrations) is flaunting wings alight with pixie dust. M&MCASTLECKC

There is definitely a feeling of grandeur and celebration about the place, with blue swags, banners, bunting and stars coating every edge. New, special edition ears, pins and even princess dresses in the fabulous silver and blue. Even the deserts have 25th Anniversary wafers to go with them. There are certainly more things I could rant on and on about, but I think that will just have to wait for a future post otherwise this is definitely is in danger of turning into a full on essay, a magical essay, but an essay none the less!



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