Fajita Faux Par.

Now, everybody sit down, I don’t know how you’re going to take this. I’ve had screaming, disbelieving impressions of a cod fish, threats to disassociate with me and, almost, a slap round the face.

Before this night, I, Kate, had never had a fajita.

Dun-dun-duuunnnn. I know, I know. It’s a strain on all our relationships, but don’t worry, I’ve remedied that. You can call me a fajita aficionado now (or don’t. I’ve only had them once.)

This is not just a love letter to the Mexican majesty that is the fajita through. It is also a post about a revelation I have had, because my friends and I fell up a step in the adulting game and didn’t even know it. Yep, my girls and I finally had some sort of dinner party.


Geez, we’re getting old! I’m just sitting here, biting my knuckles, trying to hold back the tears… and the incontinence. Ok, so there was no wine and cheese board, so we’re not properly adulting yet, but a dinner party is a dinner party, regardless if it’s a ten course, Nigela inspired banquet or a couple of bowls on the table and a hazy “help yourself.”

Β It wasn’t your aprons on, hostess out, ten pans a boiling, nine wines a pouring, eight extra courses, seven timers beeping, six palette cleansers, five finger bowls! Four napkin rings, three tiny swears, two burnt sides and a f**k tonne of washing up, type of dinner party.

Nah. This was fajita night. Communal cooking, communal eating, laughter and possibly a slightly burnt nacho no-one cared about.


Everyone was just jumping around each other, chopping, heating, throw this over here, chuck that over there, sprinkle that in the pan. You get the peppers, I’ll get the onions. Then, carrying all the plates and dishes together, setting up our grand feast before sitting, together, three a side, passing the cheese up and down the table, giving each other tips on the best filling combinations, throwing Doritos (naughty) and daring each other to try the different flavours of wraps.

It was honestly delicious and great fun. It was simple, and with the help of Old El Paso and a Tesco nacho kit, we were all in and nothing was too complicated. See, we didn’t even do it all ourselves. That’s how easy it is (and lazy we are.) There was an odd sense of calm that came along with the domestic atmosphere. As if there was no judgement there, we were all cooking for each other, all preparing, all sharing, all eating as one.

It didn’t feel like a dinner party, it felt more familial than that.


There’s nothing better than quality time spent with friends and this is something just a little different than normal. Different to movies and popcorn, or popping to the pub or for a wander down the high street, and yet, I got more out of this evening than I have numerous trips window shopping and stopping for coffee.

If you’re lost for ideas or want a new way to hang out with your pals, give cooking a meal together a go. It’s worth while, cheaper than take out, way more fun and fajitas are just one option (plus, they’re are tasty af!) You could try making pasta, pizzas, burgers or even a picnic or buffet of some sort. It’s all good when there’s food and friends. You could even class it as educational… because we all need to learn to cook or we might die.

And if all else fails, you could do what they did on Come Dine With Me once and just order a take out and pretend you cooked it.



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