Feliz Navidad and All That Jazz

You know what’s a good Christmas movie? Bridget Jones. That’s a good Christmas film.

I didn’t really think of it as a Christmas film until I watched it the other day whilst my parents were both out visiting the hospital for different appointments and therapies. I took the opportunity to stretch out in the living room and wrap their presents. I don’t have much free time these days. More than some, but far less than others. It’s sending me a little loopy I think.


Christmas day was bittersweet and it reinforced in me how much I need a change. I was exhausted from the long hours I worked to meet the Christmas rush, I was feeling super unwell from a dodgy McDonalds binge the night before and my heart was broken twice in one day. The first time is was because I was being a soppy, little melt. I’ll explain. You know when you were about seven and there was that one kid in the class that you spent a lot of time and effort on? The one you were always kind to and invested a lot of emotion into a relationship with them; swapped your lunch with them, shared your smelly gel pens with them and even let them have the football when it was your go? Then, in the playground one day, they just start playing with some other kid you’ve never seen before and they act like you don’t exist. They awkwardly smile at you and then run off giggling in the opposite direction? Yeah, now bring that feeling into your twenties.

They didn’t know how much it had taken for me to reach out to them. How many of my feelings and how much time and effort I had put into fostering a friendship with them. They were oblivious. I can’t blame them. Which is why I decided to adopt a stiff upper lip, a large glass of wine (which you can’t do when you’re seven) and cry into some ice cream at another point. I have never felt so at one with dear Bridget.


The second time was when George Michael’s passing was announced. Boy, I loved Wham! I loved their music so much. I even wrote one stella film treatment and script inspired by their music for one of my final uni modules. Their style and flare was, at times questionable, but never undeniable. I don’t know why I feel saddened by a celebrity’s passing. I think maybe it’s a sadness for a loss of talent, a loss to the industry. If someone makes a mark on your life in any way, I guess it’s only natural to feel saddened when they are no longer around. I never met the man, I don’t know about his highest highs or his lowest lows, but yet, I’m still sad.


I was with my family, we all spoilt each other. We were warm, well fed and together. I couldn’t ask for more than to be safe, healthy, happy and surrounded by my family. That makes me lucky and I can’t be too upset by the other events, because in the grand scheme of things, in my one, little life, my one in billions, little life, it really doesn’t matter (well George does, but the other thing, not so much.)


Boxing day was the same usual chaos. The beloved chaos. All my family bundle through the door, wrapped into coats and scarves, carrying presents and well wishes and smiles upon their faces. The little ones eyes light up as they spot this years Christmas cake offering, one which I actually decorated whilst watching Bridget Jones. I got the idea from Elise Strachan over at My Cupcake Addiction, but using Hershey’s chocolate was about as far as I got before I went off on my own tangent, smashing bits up, using royal icing to stick it together only to have if fall apart and not fit together. All together, I think it worked out rather well.

Merry Christmas everyone, happy yule, happy hanukah, happy festive season. I hope 2017 is brighter, happier and more prosperous for all of those who have good intentions and a good heart.

God bless (whichever teachings you chose to or not to follow.)

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