How to Halloween as an Introverted Extrovert.

Happy Halloween Witches.


I’ve been unashamedly wearing my ugly halloween jumper and I don’t even care. I’m cosy and on holiday trend. Bite me, all you vampiric haters out there.

I am usually quids in for Halloween, however this year I’ve been pre occupied and so the cobwebs and pumpkin lanterns never found their way onto my fireplace. I had to dig deep and find the halloween creativity someplace else than my box of decorations.

Personally, I’ve found the secret to a happy halloween for someone who likes socialising but hates people (yeah, it confuses me too) is to not be mainstream. HIPSTER HALLOWEEN! The best way to take control of the situation and ensure that you don’t have to venture out into the real world or awkwardly attempt to mix with random axe wielding zombies’ or Harley Quinns’. Get together with some pals, watch The Addams Family or something genuinely horrific if you can take it, whether that be due to film content or quality, and eat all of the halloween candy meant for the trick or treaters. If you do fancy a night out painting the town red, then try and find an independent event rather than a nightclub or hotspot. My friends and I found a little event near by that was no where near as crowded and nowhere near as top 40. We had a bloody blast; literally and figuratively.


The costume was also a great thing. It was half serious and half comfy, so it sat right within my comfort zone but was still enough to not feel out of place. Feeling over or underdressed at things like this gives me botox resistant worry lines… not that I’m planning on getting botox probably ever.

This year I went as an old-y world-y circus Ringmaster who didn’t tame the lion, the lion tamed them. It’s always good to have a character back story, as every self respecting theatre kid knows. ‘Oh hi, I’m Kate, I’m playing girl #3. Let me give you a run down of her family and medical history, list of previous jobs and experience and about that time she took a year travelling around the world and decided she had finally found herself through interpretive dance on the side of a taiwanese mountain, which is why she’s here but only in the background… K?’


 I repurposed my Frank-N-Furter costume and added my ringmaster coat and accessories. I left the top hat at home just incase I lost it (or, more likely, it was stolen by a drunken zombie). I also tried my hand at SFX make up for the first time, using liquid latex, strips of tissue and face paint (and a little bit of dark red lip gloss because it added more depth than the fake blood and blended better than black face paint) to create claw marks. I was going to do it all over my body but I ran out of time and wine so gave up. I also painted a couple of paw shaped bruises on my face and chest and used some ‘bloody gauze’ bandages from the pound shop to wrap around my more intact limbs. I’m telling you Poundland were on point this year. You could even get little packets of liquid latex in there. I mean, I question their quality but that was a find (considering I was looking at almost the exact same make up kit on Asos for £10 or something.)

The great thing about liquid latex is that if you have a load left over you can repurpose it for nail art. Use a layer to protect your skin around the nail so, when you’re finished, the clean up is ten times easier. It’s not just for scabs and scars y’know. Another tip, mix a bit of foundation with a white cream make up to make it a little more subtle, it’s more ‘you look a bit ill’ and less ‘you head butted a bowl of talcum powder’.


If you’re into halloween, how did you celebrate? Did you dress up and head on out or did you have a quiet one in with the Sanderson Sisters? Let me know!

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