Happy Little Victories| October 2016

Kindess & resilience.

Release your inner slinky.


This month I have learnt the importance of bouncing back. No matter how far you’re stretched, you have to learn not to break and to have the ability to bounce back. Even if you momentarily hit breaking point and the cracks start to show. Take a deep breath and remember you are so much more and so much stronger than you think. You can do so much better and you can survive. You must never let life’s evils win.

I’ve always maintained you should approach everything and everyone with respect, empathy and a kind heart. Life punched my family in the face this month. I feel selfish even admitting that I am tired or feeling stressed because I am not bearing the brunt of it and there are people in the world far worse off than I. However that doesn’t change the fact that the centre of my world is falling apart and I am caught up in this hurricane of doctors, chores, bills, work, hospitals, tests, running the house hold, filling prescriptions and caring for my family as best I can. Yet, I still maintain that everyone around me deserves as much care and compassion as I can provide them and I will find it in myself to be there for anyone who needs me, no matter how big or small the problem is.

That leads me to my first happy little victory: I’m still standing, and even when my heart is breaking, I can still show compassion for others. When someone is distressed, I have proved that no matter how weak I feel in myself, I can conjure up the strength to be a shoulder to cry on. It’s something I wasn’t sure if I could do, but I’ve managed it. I proved to myself that a kind heart can work miracles. Don’t let life chew you up and make you hard to others, nil carborundum illegitimi, keep calm and carry on, stiff upper lip and all that, what, what, pip, pip, tally ho old bean.

On a more frivolous, upbeat note, I went to see McFly on Show 3 of their Anthology Tour at The O2 Forum in Kentish Town.


I love McFly. They are the band I’ve clung onto all the way through my tweeny bopper years, ever since I heard those first chords of Five Colours, even when I flirted with the “emo” crowd and filled my ears with Panic! at the Disco and Greenday. I’m a loyal galaxy defender, I can tell you that much. Does that make me a saddo? Probably. How many f***s do I give? Uh zero, would be the answer madames et monsieurs, zéro.

I went to this gig with one of my best friends. We’ve been friends for years and this is the 3rd McFly gig we’ve been to together (4th if you count McBusted – LAAAAMMMEEEE). We decided we didn’t care if we were at the front, we were at the barrier twice before, give someone else a go. However, we could barely see the band of the entirety of the ‘Radio:ACTIVE’ set. There was a 6 foot something guy in front of us who was having the best night of his life. I couldn’t help but enjoy myself because he was just LIVING for Dougie’s bassline. He was amazing. You go Glen Coco, four for you Glen Coco. I was kind of sad when he left to get some water.


All I cared about that night was the good music, good vibes, good food and good company. In a mile and a half long queue, we ended up next to two strangers who lived just down the road from us… they even went to the same school. How freaky is that? It was McFate. We partied all night with them.

In the end I had to be grateful that I could even listen to one of my favourite bands live at all. I was with my best friend, we had adventured to Kentish Town, a part of London unexplored by me and therefore a little feared by me, eaten chicken and too many chips, danced our pants off and sang to each other instead of the the black abyss lit by the blue hues of camera phones in front of us. We ended the night hoarse, breathless and incredibly sweaty, but with huge smiles on our faces and memories in our hearts.


How about you? Any memories made, life lessons learnt or personal bests achieved?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Little Victories| October 2016

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Yes! Definitely an up and down month! I still love them, think I always will! I guess it’s true, galaxy defenders do stay forever. Such a great thing to remember! We’re all definitely stronger than we think! Thank you 😊

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