Biscoff Cupcakes!


Yeah, I’m jumping on the deliciously caramelised bandwagon, okay?

I saw the spread a while back, sitting right there next to the Nutella, but paid it no mind as my attention was focused solely on it’s chocolately cousin. Then I saw lots of Biscoff treats popping up; it’s ok Kate, just focus on the Nutella at hand. Then Zoella or some blogging guru started and oh God it all became a big thing… so I caved.

I always liked Biscoff. I used to nick ’em from my parents when they got them with their coffees in restaurants. I still do to be honest… or a chocolate mint. I do love a chocolate mint.

Where the After Eights at, bro?

I digress.

I found the recipe on the blog Honestly, Britt’s blog is one of my absolute favourite blogs ever. I know I say that every time but this one isn’t just a fave for baking, but in general. It’s idiot friendly, so I can spend hours doing some serious, carefree browsing and getting baking envy. My entire bookmarks bar is just filled with things I want to attempt to bake and try from her massive archive of tutorials and recipes. Ugh, it’s just so beautiful and filled with yumminess. #BakingGoals

The most I can do is try, right? I’m not smart enough to make up recipes this advanced!


I followed Britt’s recipe almost to the letter and the results came out pretty perfect, so if you fancy giving these a stab, as well as the icing (which I don’t normally do. I just don’t. I get it from a tub. I can’t handle making buttercream, it’s a baking fault I bare the brunt of, so bite me) the link to the ingredients and method for both batter and icing are below:

>> She Who Bakes Lotus Biscoff (Caramelised Biscuit) Cupcakes<<

As always, there were just a couple of tweaks made, but mainly because I’m a div who bought the wrong ingredients. However, I did get compliments on it, so pretended it wasn’t a quick fix and I MEANT to do it. Of course I MEANT to do it. Don’t be silly.

Instead of the Crunchy Biscoff spread, I bought the smooth spread and crushed around six or seven Biscoffs into the batter. I did the same with the icing too, but you REALLY need to crush ’em for that, otherwise they’ll get stuck in your piping nozzle! The amount is all a matter of taste too.


Now for the trumpetty-trump-I-do-baking language: I used a 1M tip to pipe with, instead of a 1J like Britt suggests, which is still an open star nozzle. To get it to look all fake and photo ready, I piped a blob in the centre of the cupcake, then swirled the icing from the outside in, building it up around the blob in the centre, to give it a little more height. Then I ruined it all and squashed an entire biscuit on top. Sorted.



Mmm, it looks like a coronary failure on a plate and it tasted like biscuity heaven. It was delicious, quite sweet but not as rich as the Triple Chocolate Nutella & Salted caramel cookies in my last baking post.

It’s good to try something new.

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8 thoughts on “Biscoff Cupcakes!

      • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

        Oh no! That sucks! Keep your eyes peeled for it, it may be sold (or available to order online) as a peanut butter alternative or something. I’ve also heard Trader Joe’s might do a cookie butter that’s similar (or so google says, but don’t quote me on that!) Hope that helps! ☺️

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