Happy Little Victories | September 2016

Lesson learnt this month: don’t be afraid.

 Have courage to step out of your comfort zone, to try new things and push your boundaries. Have courage to stand up for yourself and fight your corner. Have courage to show love and appreciation to those around you, without shame or fear of judgement.

Version 2

This month I was dragged to Thorpe Park, one of the biggest theme parks in the U.K. I don’t have a particular penchant for f**k off big rollercoasters, or early mornings to think of it, but that is what my day consisted of. I honestly can’t remember the last time there were two six o’clocks in my day, but there I sat, bleary eyed in the back of the car, singing to the Disney CD that was blaring from the speakers and eating grapes that tasted like candy floss. It’s all a sleep deprived haze to be honest.

We only went on one ride that didn’t have active g-force. That’s the one I managed to damage myself on. Yep, I’ve been sporting a HUGE bruise on my knee for almost two weeks now, all because I am oblivious to the correct etiquette applied to boarding a dingy. I am the epitome of grace, I don’t care what anyone says. However, I did tackle one big ole beasty: Stealth.

Stealth is a high speed rollercoaster that literally catapults you from 0-80 mph in 1.9 seconds. It climbs the most obscenely high tower and then sends you plummeting back down it again, all in 2.3 seconds flat. Now, I have a serious thing about feeling out of control. I’m also not a big fan of heights. Safe to say I nearly shat myself. I stumbled off of it with my top lip stuck to my teeth due to that pesky, aforementioned g-force but I was proud as punch with myself for actually going on it. So were my friends actually, they even bought me a little statue of it to commemorate the momentous occasion: the time Kate wasn’t a fun sponge.


Big news guys, prepare the trumpets: I grew a backbone. I finally stood up for myself instead of just accepting the hate and allowing people to continue belittling me unjustly. What sad life I lead. Apparently, nowadays if you’re being a butthead towards me, I’ll take you down like a hog in a heatwave. Who knew?

Usually, my fight or flight response is RUN, RUN FOR THE F**KING HILLS. I’m not one for conflict, it gives me heart palpitations and the nervous wee’s. However, this time I was being treated as if I were less than human and I was not prepared to stand there and take it. Usually I cower if someone so much as shouts in my vicinity, but this time I was not backing down. In the words of Bianca Del Rio, “not today Satan!” It was all fine in the end, a clash of personalities if you will, but for that one moment I was not having ANYONE talk to me as if I was worthless.

My last victory is very small victory, that isn’t really a victory but is more of just a glowing feeling of gratitude. I don’t appreciate my friends enough. I received a late birthday gift but it was absolutely worth waiting for. I didn’t expect it and didn’t know about it, but my friend sat and handmade me this, all because of a throw away comment I made when we went to see the musical Cats earlier in the year.


Yes, I was pining after Magical Mister Mistoffelees’ light up jacket. For anyone not familiar with the show ‘Cats’… it’s an entirely sung through musical about, well, cats. All of them from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (a poetry book about… you guessed it – Cats.) Magical Mister Mistoffelees is the magic cat, he is black and completely covered in silver rhinestones. He flies in wearing a jacket decked out with LEDs and literally shines. I wanted that jacket so bad… but thanks to my incredibly talented and far too generous friend, I now have one. You betcha I pranced around in this for a good twenty four hours.

And so concludes another month of happy little victories. It was a beautiful month and a beautiful summer, but now Halloween is nigh!

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