So My Happiness is a Fish?

Hi, my name’s Kate. I’m a Leo, with a Gemini moon. I’m an arts graduate and my patronus is a Dolphin… wait what?!


Yeah. I went on Pottermore and did the patronus thing, as any law abiding Potterhead would do, except – I got a dolphin. I’m a Hufflepuff that produces a dolphin to scare away the bad guys… wow. That says a lot about me as a person.

There are probably worse things to get than a dolphin. My internal seven year old is incredibly happy with such an intelligent and majestic mammal (because they are mammals, I know they aren’t a fish… what do you take me for? Some fake fan?) However, my emo-wannabe, teenager side isn’t sure how it feels about my conjured representative of happiness being something with a blow hole.

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals. They are loyal and playful, extremely social and incredibly altruistic. Basically, everything I want to be in life. I guess I just want to be a dolphin. I mean, I am partial to the odd, cheeky swim sesh and one time I tried squid… I didn’t hate it.

Eh, I don’t feel like I was diddled out of too much getting a dolphin as my patronus. I am a Hufflepuff after all, can’t get too far onto my high horse, and anyway, I like dolphins. You don’t get a dolphin beaded curtain hung across your bedroom door for nothing now, do you?

Have you taken the quiz yet? What is  your patronus and are you happy with it?

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4 thoughts on “So My Happiness is a Fish?

  1. Emily Ann Lou says:

    Haha that’s hilarious! I’m a hufflepuff but yet to see what my patronus is. I’m sure I’ll have the same reaction. Can hufflepuffs have something cool? Haha too chill of a house, I think.

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