Ugh, Nature.

It’s getting colder! Autumn is coming!

I also know autumn is on the way because the wasps have started their ghastly tirade on the final fruits that have yet to fall (FU wasps, you stole my last few plums šŸ˜­.) The flying spiders have turned up to the party un-invited as well. Daddy Long Legs can absolutely do one.


It’s not all doom and gloom though, today I cracked out a pair of winter boots and was loving life. Just swanning about with my feet embraced in a cacophony of gold and brown, knit-trimmed leather. Is knit-trimmed even a word? Anyway, I was trying really hard to look effortlessly cool and not like a soccer mum. Not sure if I succeeded but going to work in leggings was the correct and comfiest choice.

Well done me, 10 points to Gryffindor (lol jk, I’m a Hufflepuff… and a very good finder.)


I also expanded my lens collection and decided to have a little play before everything worth taking fancy photos of dies and turns into mush, mud and sticks. Considering I tend to just throw instructions for new things over my head, attempt to make it work and only return to the notes when I’m too frustrated to even just smash it together anymore, I think I did quite well on my macro lens’ first outing. Honestly, I s**t myself when the autofocus visibly moved the lens itself, but it was kind of worth it. Who knew there would be so much beauty chilling behind the compost bin or hiding behind some kind of shrubbery I should have trimmed back but didn’t because, I’m just lazy and don’t like the little beasties that probably live in said shrub.





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2 thoughts on “Ugh, Nature.

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Thank you! They were experiments with my new Sigma Macro lens – 70-300mm. I couldn’t believe how close I could get… you’d never catch me getting that close to a bee in real life!

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