Yo! Gimmie That Sammich | Picnic Tips & Seaside Adventures!


With Britain’s weather treating us well, a few of us decided it would be nice to do something all outdoorsy (but the wasps weren’t invited. I made that very clear.)

A picnic is always on point. I mean, it’s sunny? Gimme dat jam sammich, yo. Holler at me if you need a picnic basket fam.

Oh, it feels so wrong to try and be down with the kids and up with the lingo. I wasn’t even down with the kids when I was a kid, I was all building robots and prancing about in musicals and trying and failing to read Little Women.

I digress, yes, we went on an adventure for a picnic and some seaside fun.

It was a very chilled out, non committal thing. I think that set the perfect vibe. I just said to a bunch of my nearest and dearest, if you fancy it, turn up around X time, on X day, in X spot, bring some food and we shall see where the day takes us. My only ask was that, on the day, let someone know if you weren’t coming along, so we didn’t wait for you if we got restless and fancied a wander. Surprisingly, most obliged said, single request. Those who did not… yeah, their invite MIGHT get lost in the post next time. It might not, depends on how hormonal I am that day I guess.


Picnic food is the absolute best and we had it in abundance. I really didn’t expect everyone to bring sharing food, but EVERYONE brought things to share. Too much really. We probably could have fed the 5000, but alls well that ends well. We all went home with full tummies and so did the other picnic goers, dog walkers and staff in the cafe next to us, who we shared our haul with.

Now, a few things I would 100% recommend, if you’re planning to dine alfresco at any point, would be:

A picnic blanket. I picked up that spotty one for a fiver in Home Bargains and it has been used and used. It was well worth it, even though we only used it as a table cloth this time!

A bottle opener. Y’all gonna need that one at some point.

Plastic cups. Because there is nothing worse than someone being considerate and bringing a big ass bottle of Pepsi to share and there being no drinking receptacle, so everyone has to gob it. I mean if you’re close that’s cool… I guess?

A bin bag. If you’re outdoors, picnicking away, it’s rare there will be a bin in reaching distance (because who wants to move when they’re full of chocolate and comfy?) I brought one and it came in SUPER handy.

A few games. Just little ones to fill the lull in conversation. They don’t even need to be used, but having something to hand is a great secret, weapon. Things like ‘Heads Up’ or ‘The 7 Second Challenge’ are really good apps to have on your phone. I also took ‘Obama Llama’, which once out of it’s packaging is scaled down to three small packs of cards, a dice and a teeny notepad.


Also, we chose somewhere close to a cafe so there were accessible toilets and somewhere to go of the weather turned nasty. See, us Brits can be smart sometimes, when we want to be. Always be prepared… no hang on, that’s not our motto, that’s the scouts.

After a while it was time for some Pokémon hunting a gentle stroll along the seafront to see what we could find. It turned out to be pretty damn beautiful, especially when the sun went down and it  was lit by lights of it’s own.


It’s always nice to explore somewhere a bit different and do something you haven’t done for a long time (ten years… give or take a few days), especially if you’re with people you care about. That’s always a bonus. Plus who doesn’t love the seaside?!

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