Skinny Dipping with Barry M

So I’ve gone and done it again. I was doing my weekly shop and I accidentally slipped and some nail polish fell into my trolley. However, it wasn’t just a new shade this time, oh no! It was a new formulation, at least it was new to me.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail paint in the colour Skinny Dip.


The Coconut infusion polish claims to be made with coconut products such as oil and water, alongside vitamins B & C and Hexanal (whatever that may or may not be) to help strengthen and hydrate nails. In essence giving them an overhaul whilst looking fabulous. It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t and I actually kinda like it.

The pigment is strong, it takes two coats and I’m good to go. Skinny Dip is a beautiful, off white/beige colour, a bit of a statement nude if you will. It’s a visible colour but neutral and wearable. I feel like it would compliment any skin colour and adds a little clean cut sophistication to a look… like if you want to be all pastel coloured for the summer but still taken seriously.


The consistency is just what I look for in a polish: not so runny it drips, dribbles or runs away from you, but not so thick that it doesn’t lay properly and creates those weird, sticky, spit strings when you pull the brush away. It creates thin layers (obviously that’s down to how heavy handed you are with it too) and the curved paddle brush is super helpful as it follows the natural shape of the nail. The dry time is pretty decent too. It survived a pretty extreme smudge test (barring the slice mark/smudge thing on my middle finger… but that was me being over ambitious and trying to open a bottle when they obviously weren’t dry.) I found it to be touch dry in around 1-2 minutes.

Also there’s no need for a base or top coat! I’ve always used both simply because a base coat is almost a necessity with other Barry M nail polishes and top coats make things look all shiny and dreamy and finished. Yet, this is super glossy and finishes with a lovely shine (although you might want a top coat to try and prevent wear. It’s a bog standard nail polish and longevity is the same as most others), and according to the Barry M site, base coats stop all the coconutty goodness from getting into your nails!


There aren’t too many colours available in the range and all are lighter pastel shades, but I’m sure they will bring out a few more. The smell is also quite pungent on first whiff.  They retail on the Barry M website for £4.99, which can make you do the oh-that’s-pricey face cringe, however if I were to splurge and treat myself, I’d do it with this brand.

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