Happy Little Victories| June 2016

On the 24th of June 2016, a decision was made that has the ability to dramatically and irrevocably change my future.

As a young person in the UK, I exercised my right to vote, made sure my voice was heard. However, I feel like modern politics and political campaigns are mainly made up of jargon beyond the everyday man and pie crust promises, which ever way you look. I’m not sure how to feel about the outcome of the EU referendum. The most over powering emotions are fear and worry. What’s happens to us now? The only mindset I can start to settle into is that of what will be will be, and from now on, we all as a country and community are just going to have to roll with the punches.

We are not at war like we were in the 30’s, or suffering the wrath of Mother Nature. I am healthy, I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, clean clothes on my back and people who love me. So in order to brighten my spirits, I looked closely at the happy memories I made this month, the real happy little victories, the good things in life that make each day a little bit brighter.

 My first little victory hit me whilst travelling passenger to a charity meal, around the mother of all blind bends, in a ford fiesta. How cool was it that right then, in that moment, on that day, I was still rattling around with my friends of over ten years, one of which I have known since about the age of eight. They are the ones who saw me wear out the blue mascara craze, witnessed me learn how to do cat eye eyeliner with dire results, saw me through heart break and heart ache, awkward encounters and embarrassing stumbles. It was strange but oddly heart warming to think that we had survived this far, even though we grew apart at one stage, recently we have sort of grown back together. It’s funny how life does that.


My second little victory was spent in London town with my beautiful best uni pal, Miss. Jessica. She is utterly, utterly wonderful. We laughed so hard we nearly cried and had so much to catch up on. She also agreed to still be associated with me after this fan-girl photo happened:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Both our strange sides came out that day. She sat there pretending to be Shrek for 10 minutes because, once she started doing a Scottish accent, she forgot her own accent and couldn’t stop. I walked around making bizarre references to films and musicals, then screaming at her “GUESS THAT SHOW. G’WAN JESS, GUESS!” For example, we finished our afternoon tea at the incredibly fancy Bloomsbury Hotel (link to the post about that particular experience and a half here), I dropped my fork onto my plate, only to suddenly begin singing The Little Mermaid. I had a hair brushing revelation that everyone had to know about!


And, mini victory, I got to the station just as they announced the platform my train was on…aaaand I got a seat. Yaaaas!

I had birthdays to celebrate! In all honesty, I was dreading the party. I was scared I wouldn’t know anyone and get all weird and awkward, as I do. I felt a little self conscious in my skirt, wasn’t 100% happy with my costume. I didn’t know the area I was going to or the house the party was at. I was nervous.

Yet, besides being eaten alive by gnats, my itchy wig actually kept my head warm whilst we partied under the gazebo, my costume won a prize and I actually got to meet a few new people and turn some acquaintances into friends. Yes, my final little victory came to me as I stood, at 1am, in someone’s back garden, dressed as a 60’s reject and wearing a cardboard Robert Pattinson mask. I realised I don’t need anything fancy to have fun. I just need to allow myself to be open and happy without compromise.


When in good company, you can create your own laughs. If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to join in. Their opinion is their business, not yours. I’m sure some of the the others there thought I was strange, but my pals just grabbed masks too and joined in.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Little Victories| June 2016

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Not yet! I’ve got my tickets for January. I wanted to see both the same day so I only had to do one trip! I’m so excited! You’re so lucky got tickets for Sept! Let me know what it’s like!! x

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