Fancy Finger Food at The Bloomsbury & Luck being a Lady.

Time for another adventure in London town!

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After the last afternoon tea escapade, my gal pal, Miss. Jessica, and I decided that more tiny cake is entirely necessary.

We attempted to book up for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed one, because I want chocolate milk, candy floss and some sort of parfait looking thing that looks like an egg. Alas, it was not meant to be. “I’m sorry madame but we are fully booked on that day. I can offer you another though.” 

So off Miss. Jessica went on a finger food finding mission. That’s how we ended up at The Bloomsbury Hotel. That is also how we ended up lost at The Bloomsbury Hotel.

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On our way down one dark wood and marble, candle lit corridor, Miss. Jessica whispered to me (we were scared to raise our voices incase someone realised we were completely in over our heads) “maybe we should just go to Pizza Hut.” 

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Yes, Pizza Hut is much more our level, but as I said to her, “nope. We’ve made the reservation, we’re having afternoon tea. They don’t know who we are. We could be anyone walking in dressed in jeans and converse. We could be total plebs,”

Miss. J: “Which we are.”

Me: “Or we could be the spawn of billionaires. I could be a very important person for all they know.”

There’s a life lesson for you all: Be nice to everyone, you never know who you’re talking to.

So, after getting lost trying to find the toilet, being bemused by the star shaped towers of disposable, cloth napkins, and then having to be escorted by staff to the correct part of the building, we finally sat down to our afternoon tea. It was all served on a giant stand that looked like a fancy, mini luggage trolley/birdcage thing. It was like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody meets Bake Off. 

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The three tiers were made up of:

Sandwiches – Salmon and crab mousse, with cucumber, on Guinness Bread, Chicken Caesar in a brioche bun, Ham and mustard on brown and egg mayonnaise on white.


Scones – x2 plain and x2 sultana buttermilk, with homemade strawberry jam and Devonshire clotted cream.


Desserts – (now here’s where my memory gets hazy, so please excuse the lack of descriptions. I got over excited.) Spiced cheesecake (possibly saffron), with a fruit topping and Italian meringue, chocolate eclair filled with chocolate creme pat, lemon syllabub with  raspberry compote and crumble, Bloomsbury Brownie (chocolate brownie with walnuts, topped with a slice of fresh strawberry), and last but not least (the one I was most excited by so have no idea what it actually was) was the mango, mousse-like dome on a cake base, topped with a cranberry.


Urgh, so filling, yet so delicious. Tea and coffee was unlimited, with a choice of looseleaf tea available. It was fairly pricey at £30pp and a champagne option was available. The service was totally on point. We felt totally welcomed from the moment our bums touched the seats. Our waiter (who was, in fact, everyones waiter) was attentive but unobtrusive. He wasn’t hanging over our shoulders with the whole “is everything ok?” “Can I get you more tea?” “Can I get you this… Can I get you that… can I lick your shoes… tip me.” He was full of knowledge and incredibly helpful.

Then it was off to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square to find ourselves a bargain. To be honest, for young theatre goers, right now there isn’t much on. Unless you want to fork out between £70-£100pp, or sit/stand where you can’t see. All our options were out as Miss. Jessica, quite rightly, had a strict budget to adhere to. You need to watch the ticket booth as, for a few popular shows (*cough* Mamma Mia *cough*) they charge more than the actual theatre box office. In the end we went for Guys and Dolls, centre in the stalls, which we scored for half price.

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Neither of us had any idea what we were going to watch. We had heard of it, we had heard of a couple of the songs, we had both heard of Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero… FIYYEEEEEEEEROOOOOOO), but the plot? The characters? Nah, not a clue.

Luck was a lady that night for sure. We both totally enjoyed ourselves. The performances were strong and the show was incredibly well put together. Possibly one for older theatre goers or those who particularly enjoy live theatre/musicals. If you’re not a typical theatre-person, stick to something a little more mainstream. You actually do have to concentrate on what’s happening. Unless you like the idea of old school gangs and gambling, then maybe it’s you’re kind thing.

Until our next adventure.

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