Happy Little Victories | Busted are Back!

Sometimes you find yourself without inspiration, so you seek it… that is until you live out one of your childhood dreams.

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This month has been slow, but not unpleasantly so.

Writers block punched me in the face what felt like 1 million times. I had sudden realisations, made u-turns and just lost the will to live writing one chapter. Yet I powered on through and did what I like to call ‘skeleton writing’. I’m not sure if it’s a real thing or even advocated but if I get a bored writing one piece, or get a hit of inspiration for another, I just go for it. I don’t worry about format, punctuation, grammar or fleshing anything out. I just get the bare bones written. That’s how I muddled through this month.

I also discovered that Pigs Can Fly. They really can.

I am going to try and keep this spoiler free, but there are still minor spoilers ahead. I know some people hate spoilers and avoid them like the plague, wearing a paper bag on their head and ear plugs until they experience it themselves… so, here’s your heads up.



They were my first boyband crush. I just adored them. They were the first boy band I ever cared about, a far cry from S Club 7. When I was about 8 or 9, Year 3000 was my absolute jam and the wall of posters began with one of them. Alas, before I grew into the standing area and saved enough pocket money for a ticket, Charlie called time.

Then they split up and broke my adolescent heart.


However, 11 years later I stood at the 02 arena in London, friend by my side, singing along with the 3 boys, or men I guess now, as they played the absolute anthems of my childhood. Not to mention a few new ones which, whilst a very different sound to their old teeny-bop, Blink 182 meets Britney stylings, is still wonderful. They have evolved but not forgotten where they started.

I had a little adventure, I fell down some steps, got lost and ended up with a Pina Colada in the VIP lounge having a great time. Alls well that ends well.

My childhood cup overfloweth with joy.

Is overfloweth a word?

Don’t know, don’t care, using it anyway.


What’s made you happy this month?

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