Cathartic Rituals.

Cathartic rituals.

That sounds like some sort of satanic prayer. No, I do not slay goats in my spare time. According to, Cathartic is an adjective that means:

“Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.”

Yep, sounds like something we all need to do at times.

Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed or anxious, get caught up in over thinking, lack any sort of inspiration or motivation and just end up feeling down in the dumps. It’s tough to combat and deal with. Every now and again you just need to get all the negative emotions, upsets and pent up frustrations out of your system to free yourself up for positivity and happiness.

At first it can be hard to think of anything you can do to help this situation. I’ve tried so many different options and some did fail, however there are a few that worked. If you’re stuck for ideas to help destress or shift that blue feeling, try a few of these and see if they help you too!

Cry. First and foremost, it’s ok to cry! Sometimes crying it all out is the best option. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are allowed to feel and you are most definitely allowed to cry. Just getting out all of the stress and re-setting those hormones with a good sob can work wonders.

Writing. Stories, poems, diary entires, blog posts. Writing puts me in a positive mood, or at least brings me up to neutral. Whether it is shared or not, it’s just good to get it all out and down onto paper or distract yourself by letting your positive imagination flow.

Vlogging. I tried daily vlogging, or making a video diary for those not down with the youtube hype. Every day I tried to pick out the good moments or just talk through the bad ones and get it off my chest. It made me take one step at a time and focus on each day and event as it comes.

Logic games. Candy crush, you have come in handy once again. If I could feel myself getting worked up or start to over think, I tried playing a logic game, or one that needed concentration. It helped to occupy my mind when it was trying to work ten times faster than I was.

Making lists. I break down every action. Every single one. Then I tick them off once I’ve done it. Baby steps, that’s all. It makes you feel like you are getting somewhere and achieving something, even if it’s very small. It means you can do it.

Early nights. I turned off my computer, put on an audio book and just allowed myself to listen to it and fall to sleep, rather than tell myself I wasn’t tried yet. Over time my sleeping schedule improved and I found myself not getting so overtired that I ended up in a pit of over thinking!

Having a clear out. Decluttering and organising your space can make you feel like you are totally in control of your things and your life. It also makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together, which you totally have. A tangible change proves you can make decisions and have the ability to change any situation you are in.

Staying away from social media. If you’re feeling a little stuck in your own life, the last thing you need is to see your friend’s ‘best bits’. They have sucky times too and they get upset and let down as well. They just don’t let you know that. No-one is their social media profile. Take a day to focus on you and making positive strides in your real life instead of an online one.

Hopefully at least one of these might help anyone feeling a little lost, out of control, anxious, overwhelmed or down in some respect. I am no expert, but I know how it feels and these are just a few things I know I can do to brighten my own mood!

Keep your chin up you lovely lot!

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