Disney Inspired Cupcakes | Sleeping Beauty, Mickey & Minnie!


Time for another birthday batch of cupcakes and this time for a Disney nut.

I wanted to do something a little bit different to what I normally do and experiment a bit with royal icing and fondant work.

The two designs I eventually created, after a bit of rethinking, twiddling and changing around, is a Micky and Minnie cupcake and a Sleeping Beauty inspired cupcake (based on Fairy Fauna’s wonky, no magic, birthday cake for Princess Aurora!)



The best part is, you don’t need any special fondant tools to make them and you can make the entire batch from one bowl of batter! It could be as simple as a zip lock bag and a circle of greaseproof paper, or you can go ahead and use a piping bag and your favourite nozzle!

The cupcakes themselves were red velvet (because it’s my friends favourite, you can use any cupcake flavour you want) and I made two sizes: small and large.


To make the smaller ones I filled the cupcake liners around 1/2 full with batter. To make the larger ones I filled them around 3/4 full with batter.

The smaller ones give you room to pipe the butter cream on top and the larger ones give you enough of a rise above the liner to give you room to stick your layer of fondant.


Mickey & Minnie Cupcake.


Firstly, you want to do a swirl of your favourite butter cream icing on top of the smaller cupcakes.

Step 1. Roll out your basic fondant shapes. Each Mickey or Minnie requires 3 balls of black fondant: 1 large and 2 smaller. To make lots in one go I rolled out 2 sausage shapes of fondant and cut them into smaller chunks, which I could then roll into the balls.

Step 2. Either using water/apricot jam or a tiny spot of royal icing, stick your smaller balls onto the larger one to create the ears! (If you use royal icing, you may want to cover it, once it’s dry, with some black food colouring, depending on how visible it is).

Step 3. If you are making MICKEYS’, then all you need to do is sprinkle with a bit of edible glitter for that Disney sparkle.

If you are making MINNIES’, then take a small piece of red fondant and roll out to be around a millimetre thick. Using a sharp knife (please get help if you need it) cut out some little triangles. Once you have two, use a dab of royal icing to stick them to the top of the head/the ears to make your bow.

Step 4. Taking a small ziplock/piping bag (I made one by folding a circle of greaseproof paper into a cone and cutting the tip off to make a tiny hole) place a few white polka dots onto Minnie’s bow.

Then place a Minnie & Mickey into your buttercream swirl and add any more accents or decorations you want to top it off!


Sleeping Beauty Cupcake.


Step 1. Roll out some light blue fondant (like the top of Fauna’s cake) to around 3 millimetres thick. Find something circular that will cut your fondant to roughly the same size as the top of your cupcake so it will cover it.

Step 2. Cut it out and remove the excess fondant so you can use it again.

Step 3. Put a blob of royal icing on top of the cupcake and spread it so a thin layer covers the area you want to cover with fondant. The icing will act like glue.

Step 4. Lay your circle of fondant over the top of your cupcake, making sure to smooth down the edges and get out any wrinkles.

Step 5. Using royal icing and the same piping bag as the Minnie & Micky cupcakes, draw the outline of a splodge. It should look like a blob of icing is starting to run and dribble, like on Fauna’s cake.

Step 6. Flood the inside of the splodge to fill it in, using a tooth pick to close any holes in the icing and neaten up the edges.

Once the royal icing has dried a little, you can add a blob of butter cream. I added mine off centre to go with the wonky effect, and add a candle (or two) just like Fairy Fauna. I did have pink candles too, but I ran out!


There you have it. Simple but effective and totally cute. Disney inspired cupcakes from mice to princesses! Have a super day!

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