An Open Letter to the Internet Generation…

Dear internet generation,

Oh dear, I do hate to call you that, as it would make the impression that you all live your life online. Now, I am not innocent of taking obnoxious photos and I do get a bit tech happy on the app store, however, I still think there is a limit. I guess, being a 20th Century broad, I don’t entirely understand the convenience of modern gadgets and, well, modern culture I guess.

To the boy at the theatre. I have to thank you for showing me exactly how to bottle memories in accordance with unwritten, modern rules.

The other day I went to a big, old musical. It had all the effects you could want, costumes to die for and incredible acoustics. How I could possibly hope to remember everything and do it justice was beyond me. My eyes were not high quality enough, my brain’s frame rate not quick enough, but your iPhone camera was. It was then I began to learn.

I watched the show through your phone screen, instead of with my own eyes, as I wanted and expected to. Yet, I could tell the clarity was obviously par excellence, far superior to the human eye. Using a camera, even if it is against the social, moral and venue rules and the footage, once captured, is rarely re-watched, is always the way forward if you ever want to remember an experience to the nth degree.

To the girl who takes the selfies. You are one of the most considerate people I know. You must know how forgetful I am, and whilst I do have an aptitude for remembering faces (but you probably don’t know that, sorry my fault), you always remind me of yours.

I am humbled that you want me to remember you so much that you go to the extent of updating me so often. I know you must do it because you worry about me forgetting you, because you always send them to me from the same place, where there is nothing interesting going on in the background to distract me from your carefully concealed and highlighted bonestructure. Maybe you’ll add the odd caption telling me how you are off to “spend your dollar” or are “off to town” with people I have never met.

I wont forget you, I promise. Probably ever.

To the girl who references “old” culture. Thank you for breathing new life into outdated, iconic, cultural pieces. From pop to propaganda, it’s appreciated that, no matter how timeless, classic or perfect it was the first time around, everything needs to be revitalised in the most modern way possible. It’s probably best that, in order to do your up cycling duties, you completely disregard the former meaning and history of each piece and re-brand it entirely. Give it new life and new meaning. Own it. Live it. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t yours.

When you tie your hair into a bun with a bunny eared, bandana, and grip your muscled forearm in an ironic, masculine pose. It’s because masculine beauty is in, right? No-one needs to know that look was used to empower women to reach their full potential in a man’s world, in a globally war torn world. When you and your 3 friends pose, walking across a zebra crossing. It is to show your squad is strong, quirky, adventurous and downright fabulous. It might have been done in the late 60’s by four men, although I can’t be sure.

Ok, now let’s get a little more serious.

In short, I love the new technology and social media, I rely on it too. I use it far too much. I watch youtube, I scroll aimlessly through twitter at 2 am, get addicted to Facebook games, snap chat my friends ugly photos and I Google everything. I mean, literally every time I sneeze I Google it (and I’m always told I’m dying). I thank you, the newer generations, for showing us all the wonderful ways in which technology can enrich our lives. To embrace it and move with the times. I love that so much good can come from technology and the internet. Look at the positivity forums, online counselling, fundraising pages, funny videos, clever articles, uplifting posts, ways to get people together, to reconnected lost people and things, to bring to light the every day heroes. I mean, the way in which social media has come together to show global support in recent months and years, to share news, to make sure loved ones are safe, to help those in need.

Yet, there are times, and forgive me for this modern day blasphemy, but sometimes technology is more of a hindrance. Sometimes we all need to step back and look back, look around. Live the moment instead of capturing it. Be yourself instead of your insta profile. Do things you like, not for the likes. Be curious and learn the facts and figures behind the “latest” trend or meme.

History is important. You are important. The world around you is important.

Followers are not. What other people think of you is not.

Trust yourself more than your smart phone.

Live. Laugh. Love

(betcha didn’t know that saying started life in 1904)

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5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Internet Generation…

  1. growtastecreate says:

    Haha well said. It’s bad now and I can’t imagine what it will be like for the next generation. My hubby and I are terrified of raising our daughters (3 and 8m) in this smart accessory obsessed society!

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Thanks! I know. Sometimes unplugging and having a day without the gadgets is totally worth while! Just going out and enjoying the day without thinking about social media or something is so refreshing! I just can’t get my head around the gizmos!

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