Happy Little Victories | Roald Dahl Road Trip!

‘ello Lovelies!

I went on a little adventure!


I sat on my bum singing obnoxiously and pointing at road signs whilst my friend drove us to the quaint little village of Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire. I mean, if you have never been to England and really want all of your ideas and dreams of tiny cottages, cobblestone streets, fields and fairy-like woodlands and indie shops selling tea cups and home made greetings cards, then this is the place you need to visit.

It’s so beautiful and tranquil and I just want to live there and crochet a blanket and drink hot chocolate made on a country aga or wood stove.


The other reason we came here, amongst the many pubs, is because this is where the Roald Dahl museum is. As you may or may not know (I harp on about it enough) I am in a production of Roald Dahl’s The BFG, so in honour of this, a few of the cast and crew took a trip to the place that inspired it all.

Now, considering I came home covered in mud, freezing cold and with a trapped nerve in my back, this probably doesn’t seem like the type of thing to be considered a happy little victory, but it was one of the best days I have had in months.


Firstly, it really was a little adventure. We were in the middle of the countryside, no idea where we were going, a paper map in hand and we decided to navigate through the woods. As the trail got smaller, the wind picked up, the rain began to drizzle on and off, the mud got thicker, the trees got bigger, the floor got slipperier… then it started hailing. Every time they hit me in the face, it felt like I was being pecked by a tiny, vicious bird with knives for a beak. Yet, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Due to the appalling weather, the lack of orientation skills and signposts and the inappropriate footwear of half the group (yes me… old trainers don’t have the desired grip for woodland hiking in the rain) we couldn’t stay up right! We were slipping and sliding all over the place! We took to giving each other marks out of ten for how far we managed to skid without falling over because it happened so frequently. We had to go back to the museum simply because we had laughed so hard we all needed a wee!

IMG_1676 copy_GMCKC

After a wander around the museum we found a little, tiny pub with a restaurant attached, called ‘The Cross Keys’ and decided to re-fuel before the trip home. Ok, honesty hour, we had already all just had Bruce Bogtrotter cake and BFG Giant cookies in The Twits cafe… but we wanted a smokehouse platter dammit! So thats what we did and we were all smug and full afterwards. Then we had desert. Judge us. I don’t care. Haters just wish they double deserted too.


I honestly had the biggest face ache when I came home… and not from my raging wisdom tooth, but from smiling too hard. I think it might actually be possible to pull a muscle from smiling too much. My stomach hurt from laughing, my face hurt from smiling and my heart could have burst with how much fun I had with an incredibly special bunch of people. Just escaping to the country with some of your favourite people is most definitely a day well spent.

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