Easter Cupcakes!

Happy Spring and a Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!


I decided to whip up a few last minute treats to share with my family this weekend. The first I made were inspired by the Dr.Oetker Bunny Bum cupcake design, the second was my own take on the more traditional chocolate nests.

I went for looks over taste and decided to use basic box mixes and shop bought icing… because I was having a lazy baking day, okay?!

First of all, the bunny bums.


I first saw this on the Dr. Oetker better baking Twitter page. I then decided it was too cute not to try out!

I whipped up some Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake mix, and popped it into cupcake papers, filling them around 2/3rds.

Whilst they were baking I mixed half a tub of Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Buttercream with a generous helping of the Dr. Oetker green food colouring gel. I used a no. 233 piping tip (aka, the one with all the little holes in it that looks like an octopus when you squeeze the icing out. I like to call it the octotip) to pipe the green frosting to look like grass, covering the cupcake.


When this eventually failed on me, mainly because I had no idea what I was doing and will reserve those tips for piping royal icing only in the future, I spread on a relatively thick layer of butter cream, them tapped it with the back of a fork to make peaks. This method works just as well.

To make a rabbit hole for the bunny to go down, I used a blob of left over chocolate fudge icing (from the nest cupcakes). It’s as simple as that. I used a Malteser for the bunny body and fashioned some feet from ready-to-roll chocolate icing (supermarket homebrand).

I then added some cute, Cake Angels royal icing flowers & used a touch of buttercream to make that fluffy tail!

The nest cakes had more steps but weren’t nearly as fiddly!


First I made some basic vanilla cupcakes. Whilst they were baking I made some small chocolate nests. I’ll post a link to my recipe at the bottom of the page incase you would like a how-to. Remember they need to be able to fit on top of the cupcakes!

Once the nests were set and cupcakes baked and cooled, I piped a swirl of Betty Crocker chocolate fudge frosting on the cupcake, making it relatively thick in order to hold the nest. Then I placed the nest on top. Once I was happy it wasn’t going to nose dive off, I precariously popped some Galaxy golden eggs on top! Done!


So there are my Easter bakes! Fun ideas that look far more decadent and difficult than they are. I actually used up a lot of odd bit I had in the cupboard, such as half tubs of icing, left over Matesers (although that is a rare occurrence), half bars of chocolate and left over cereals. They all went down a treat though, and the kids absolutely loved them!

My chocolate nest post is here : Chocolate nest how-to.

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2 thoughts on “Easter Cupcakes!

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Thank you! Yeah, I found that a few of the holes got blocked and then the icing was just pouring out of the others, so I gave up and reverted to the tried and tested fork method 😋

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