The Cheats Chocolate Birthday Cake.

My friend and I like to bake, however, when everything else fails… you cheat.


Now that’s not a life assessment. That’s a kitchen assessment. If you can’t do it from scratch, do it from a packet.

So this is how we ended up making our friend a cheats chocolate birthday cake!

This was, admittedly, our back up plan just incase the original idea failed or we ran out of time. Both of which happened.

However, this is simple, easy and effective! Anyone can do and make something to be proud of!

We used:

1 Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake box mix.

1 tub of Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge frosting.

1 share bag of Maltesers (approx 230g)

1 1/2 packets of chocolate fingers (we used Fox’s because they were on offer. You do you.)

Holographic edible glitter (optional)

You will also need:

x3 8″ cake tins.

Butter/spray to grease the tins.

Egg, oil and water to add to the cake mix.

Something to put your cake on (a stand/base/plate)

Something to store your cake in if you need to (some kind of box/tin with an air tight seal is preferable just to keep it fresh)


  1. Now, we started with a Devils Food Cake box mix. I’m not an advocate of box mixes, as I do like to bake cakes myself, from scratch, but I have to say, it was quick, easy and tasted good. Chocolate cake is always a tricky one to get right!

2. We followed the instructions on the box. Pricking the cake with a cocktail stick once the timer went off and adjusting any extra cooking time if it wasn’t completely baked.

 3. Once the cakes were cool, we spread the frosting between each layer, stacking them up evenly. We then used what was left to cover the outside of the cake, making sure it was even and there were no gaps. It’s important to make sure there is enough frosting to hold the chocolate fingers!

4. Because the cake was so tall, we put a row of Maltesers along the bottom of the cake, just to raise the row of chocolate fingers so they met the top edge of the cake. That way all of the sponge is covered and there’s a neat edge.

5. Then, in a circular pattern, we began laying the Maltesers on top, making sure they were all held in place by the frosting.

6. Once we squeezed them all on top, with as few gaps as possible, we sprinkled it with a little bit of the glitter and tied it up with a bow! Et voila! A super sweet, chocolatey cake!

Just make sure if you’re gifting it to someone during a fasting period that they haven’t given up chocolate for it. We didn’t check. The recipient still hasn’t eaten any of it.

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