Rudey Nudey!

‘Ello lovely people!

Ladies and gents, it’s time to go nude… on your nails I mean.

I picked up the Rimmel 60 second super shine polish in No. 513 Let’s Get Nude. I was impressed with the Rita Ora polish I used the last time the UK saw a hint of sunshine, so I had a gander at the full Rimmel range the next time I was in for a new shade.

Rimmel nude polish 2

The colour is a beautiful nude shade. Very warm, peachy, subtle and wearable, it’s much like an orangey beige. Maybe that is the best way to describe it, as it’s not really “nude” for all skin tones. The pigmentation was average as I could still see the natural nail under the first coat. Two coats are definitely needed to get an opaque, block colour.

However, if you’re in a hurry this might not be the best polish for you. It could be that my application was little heavy handed, or the first coat wasn’t as dry as I thought, but the dry time wasn’t the most ideal. The first coat was touch dry in around 3-5 minutes, the second coat however, that was a different story entirely. I applied a second coat and waited for about 2 1/2 hours (sitting still, as I was talking to a friend over Skype. You’ve got to occupy yourself somehow when you’ve got wet nails!) I then went to bed, noting how I seemed to have managed to get an imprint on one of my nails already. When I woke up the next day I noticed that not one of my nails had survived the night. Every single one had deep, fabric prints on them.

Rimmel nude polish 1 - WM

Before the dreaded smudges, the actual finish was very elegant and hi shine, but the laborious dry time ruined it a bit. I like the colour, but I’m not crazy about it as I am one for a bit of sparkle and pizazz. Then again, for work or an occasion where chunky glitter or confetti isn’t the best option, I like it. There is a smart glamour about a nude nail that appeals to my more chic side… whatever that is!

If, like me, you like to add a little something extra, I found that the Along Came Betty Nail Colour in shade no. 301 Dollar, worked really well layered on top. It picked up the warm tones without covering it completely, but added a pink/gold shimmer. Not enough to make it outlandish, but enough to make it pop.

ACB polish 1

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