Happy Little Victories | February 2016

‘Ello lovely people.

February has been an odd month. It’s been trying, it’s been tough and I have felt constantly frustrated and let down by myself and others. However, through the sucky moments, there has been sunshine. There is always beauty and goodness to be found somewhere, we just need to learn to recognise it.



I got my wiggle on didn’t I?! I went to see Thriller Live, the Michael Jackson Musical. Not so much a story, but a tribute to Michael and his music from the Jackson 5 days all the way through to ‘Bad’. I cracked some raucous puns. I’m not even sorry. I mean, if there is someone there called Annie, you’re going to ask if she’s ok, right? I bet she really resented her name that night. I threw some shapes, I tapped my feet, I sang along, I throughly enjoyed myself. Although part of me wonders, if MJ was here today, how much would he appreciate his legacy being channeled through sequinned trilbies with flashing lights in them?


This month I found myself spending spur of the moment quality time with one of my best friends. Not only does this girl know how to induce side splitting laughter, but we can find beauty in the little things. We can make our own fun. For example, I don’t know many people who can view the Primark homeware section with so much sarcasm. Did you know if you hang inspirational quotes in your bathroom they take on ENTIRELY different meanings?

Then we discovered the most beautiful, little, independent coffee shop. It’s all mismatched arm chairs draped with hand crocheted throws, wallpaper made out of vintage comic books, tables made to of old sewing machine stands and the most delicious food and drink you could ever experience. Urgh, I just want another toasted marshmallow milkshake and a girly chat.

That was my February. Tiny moments wrapped up in happy memories. It doesn’t have to be grand to be good, it’s just got to have feeling!

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