I am the Walrus | D.I.Y Silhouette Wall Art.

Hello, Goodbye lovely people of the blogosphere!



Do you want to know a secret? Ever since I saw the UK Tour of ‘Let it Be’, my love for The Beatles has grown astronomically. I’ve always enjoyed their music, I grew up with my Mum playing her old vinyls at the weekends, but I never really, truly invested myself as a Beatles fan, until now.

However, they’ve finally nestled their way in to my 21st century heart. I am showing the newfound love I have for them in my life the only way I know how… by dropping constant references, going on Google odysseys, obnoxiously playing their music every time one of my friends comes round, in a hope it will get stuck in their head too and Pinteresting the crap about of them.

Now, I admit, I’m a Loser who would have loved to be shakin’ in the sixties too and I have spent eight days a week finding beautiful, handmade Beatles wall art pieces on sites like Etsy and thought I’ve got to get you into my life but ultimately I’m poor, so if I can’t buy me love, I’ll make me love… in the form of my very own DIY Beatles wall art, inspired by all I have seen (that’s the beauty of making it yourself. You do you).

If you spotted the 8 Beatles song titles I slipped into the last few paragraphs, I applaud you. I’ll let it be now… 9 song titles.

Before I go any further I must stress that if you want to give this DIY a go, it can be of anything/one you wish, just keep it clean, simple and not creepy. Just because I chose The Beatles doesn’t mean you have to!


Firstly, choose your image. Try something with a simple outline or with simple sections you can cut out. You now have a choice. If you are using something see-through to cut your silhouette’s out of, you could trace your images. If you are using something opaque, such as black card, you could always print your image and stencil it on.


I used some black craft vellum (not the calf skin version, it was more akin to tracing paper) and a tablet as a light box. (I also used my laptop screen later on!) I did stick my vellum to the screen but I still made a few mistakes so took a little artistic liability. I also looked at a few other images to separate John and Ringo, because in the image they are crossing over, meaning their silhouette’s would be connected!


Once you have everything traced/stencilled and you are happy, use a craft knife to cut out your design (or scissors if you prefer, either way. Please don’t use a craft knife if you don’t have a steady hand or are a young crafter! It really doesn’t matter!)


Be really careful when cutting out your designs, but if you make a mistake, don’t panic! I made a tonne of slip ups, just try and work it into the design. If you rip your design (which I definitely didn’t do… sorry Ringo) You can always use tape to connect it up, sticking it to the back of your piece.

If you are using black paper, as I was, you might find that there are tiny white edges where the paper is a little ripped, or frayed where you cut it. I found that running an old, black marker pen along these parts, covered the white and also flattened down any fluffy edges or unintentional sharp corners.


Position all your cut outs on your back ground. This could be anything from a plain sheet of paper, to wrapping paper or something you have made specially. I made my backing paper by being totally sad and writing out all of The Beatles songs and putting my favourites in bold. I also used the stencil method to cut out the logo and the smaller facial silhouettes that I found on google.

The layout and design is completely up to you, as is the theme! Do what you feel you can and you’ll definitely make something to be proud of! There’s nothing better than decorating your space with something you love because a) you made it yourself and it’s awesome and b) you have something exactly to your own specification and taste because you chose every aspect of it!

Happy crafting!

basic banner_Fotor

P.S If anyone is interested in Let It Be, it’ll leave the trailer here!


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