An Open Letter to the Happy Couples…

Dear Happy Couples,

Congratulations, you have made it to the one day of the year that is, seemingly, all about you. Love is something I absolutely believe in. It is valuable, fragile, easily lost and easily broken. If you find it, treat it well. True love is so rare that no-one should be able to tell you you can’t feel it or have it. For once, I genuinely mean it and I’m not being sarcastic… as sarcastic as that might sound. I’m trying ok? Just work with me on this one.

To those who are truly happy. Don’t stop being happy. Let that joy be so great that it emminates from your very person and touches those around you. Don’t let anyone shame you into frowning. You are allowed to feel happy and free. If you are sharing that happiness with others, then don’t be afraid to be happy together. Cherish each other. Cherish what you have. Be grateful to feel the way you feel and don’t feel ashamed or afraid to value that.

To those who struggle to celebrate. You don’t have to show the world you are celebrating Valentine’s day. Whether this is the first time you’re alone, whether you are missing someone or moving on from something; you don’t have to smile and join in the fun if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of free will. Your feelings are your own. Your situation is your own. You don’t have to put on a brave face or make any apologies for that. If you just want to be alone and obsessively binge on a Netflix boxset, then do. If you want to spend the day quietly remembering someone in your own way, then do so. It’s not all about shouting from the rooftops, buying roses and giving presents. It’s a day to feel and, in some cases, heal.

To those who want to hold hands in public. Do it. Its cute. Personally, I think hand holding is adorable, if not a little sweaty at times. Honesty train right there. There’s a fine line in the PDA field, but I think that this is a subtle way to connect. You aren’t showing the world your spit strings and you aren’t groping the other in public. I’d say job well done PDA lovers. To those who think hand holding is distasteful. Don’t do it yourself and get out more. There are worse things to see in this world.

To those who don’t want to spend time with their other half. You don’t have to. You might just see Valentines day as a fad brought in by card companies… I mean, who has yet bought into daughter day or sibling day? Not too many. It’s ok. You don’t have to celebrate with your significant other if you don’t want to. The same if you genuinely can’t. It is just another Sunday really. If you don’t see the point in Valentines, then that’s up to you. Good on you for being head strong! You don’t need no card to tell someone you like ’em. You do that every day. Yes, ma’am. Mhmm.

To those who are single. It seems that the 14th of February is a day that revolves around those who find happiness in a romantic other, but when you don’t have that significant other, sometimes it can all feel a bit much. Whether you are happily single or lonely and bitter, remember St.Valentine was all for love. All kinds of love. Love is everywhere, if only you take a look. In fact, it might be the single people out there that are the ones who truly get to celebrate valentines day, because there is no one person you need to dedicate your entire heart to on that one day. Friendship, familial, self-love, the relationship between a pet and it’s owner… they are all forms of love and each and every one is special. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you have to sit this one out and watch other people play tonsil hockey.

To those who don’t enjoy other people’s happiness. Just leave. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, control your gag reflex and just realise that because someone else is happy, doesn’t mean you can’t be. They might find happiness in another person, you might find it in hating other peoples happiness. Just do it quietly on your own where no-one else can hear your hatred and self pity. Ta.

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