Going for Gold

‘Ello lovely people!

Today I’m feeling more blinged out than Beyonce, and I’ll tell you for why. Lacura beauty Mirror shine in no. 01 Gold.

You may have seen my previous review of the rose gold/copper colour in this brand, but I’m working through the metallic shades before I move into the pastel colours for spring because, for some reason, I feel obliged to wear pastel in spring. Maybe it subliminally helps animals to birth or something. Quick everyone shade match some chalk, I need to help this sheep in labour.



These nails do make me feel very glam, like I need to wear a long chiffon dressing gown and sweep about my marble mansion sipping martinis. Yet, this range does not go without it’s flaws and this colour is no different.

The colour is incredibly pigmented, and the dry time is insanely fast, but the fact that it dries so fast means that it streaks. If you don’t mind painting your fingers a little and going back in with a varnish remover soaked Q-tip, then by loading your brush up and just swiping it over you nails in one hit may remedy this. It also doesn’t seem to matter how many coats you have let dry either, a streak on the top layer can remove ALL of the paint, so watch out!

Once again, it does seem to chip easily, but the brand is a cheaper one, sold through the budget supermarket Aldi. So, for the price, the odd small chip does not fuss me too much, as they are easy enough to cover. However, if you are in the market for a special occassion manicure, maybe these aren’t for you. Yet, for a quick, every day fix, I feel they are pretty good.


The size of the bottle is good, and with the pigment so strong and the finish reasonably sleek once you master getting it on quick enough, I feel there is a value for money there. I would re-purchase, at least to keep it aside for those lazy days where you want to feel extra fancy with minimal time and effort.

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