Happy Little Victories | January 2016

Umm, where’d January go? That went so fast I almost got travel sick.

Rather than doing this series weekly because, lets face it, some weeks I’m fabulous and some weeks I decide to be a grotty, little hermit, I thought I would do one great, big, post at the end of the month with all my favourite things.

Just doin’ a Julie Andrews. Y’know.


Firstly, I said goodbye to the festive season and panto. I had an absolute ball on Cinderella (pun absolutely and obviously intended). With fireworks, glitter, pooping ponies, flying motorbikes, marshmallows, cuddly toys, fairies on sticks and monster puppets, what more could a big kid ask for?! It was one crazy ride and the children’s faces as they watched the magic, a lot of them on their first ever theatre trip, made it all worth while

I also won two deparmental “panto” awards. Both of which came down to incidents of forhead smacking awkwardness. The first was for refusing to sell a puppet who had no nose simply because I had become too emotionally attached to let go, so ended up buying it myself to ensure it’s freedom. The second was because I am a plum who turned up late on one occassion with no excuse other than I had the wrong start time. I ended up making up the most unbelievable story I could to try and ease my own guilt and lighten the situation. It suffered the same fate as a game of Chinese whispers. “Was it a horse stuck in tar? I heard it was maple syrup.” “I heard it was a moose stuck in treacle.”


It was back to work on The BFG. Now, I was shaking in my royal slippers for this. Because I had been so ridiculously busy, I hadn’t found time to really nail my lines. It was a little tense walking in on the first day, stomach in knots as the director took the script from my reach. However, I did actually know them… just! My problems is, in the long and short of things, The Queen of England is very much NOT a peasant, and for all intents and purposes, I very much AM a peasant. If I’m not concentrating it can be all dropped ‘t’s and ‘h’s and not a thesaurus in sight. So getting my tongue around some of her lines is proving to be a little trickier than I first imagined!


I discovered I still had friends after panto, and BONUS, they still wanted to talk to me! So it was time to make up some serious social time. This involved five, FIVE, meals out. FIVE in four weeks! What is this food insanity?! (Not insanity, just sheer wonderment. Omnomnom). From friends I had been in touch with the entire time, to people I hadn’t seen in over a year! It was time to spend some quality time with the girls and I enjoyed every single moment. It really does show you what it means to value friendship and have yours valued in return. Oh, it gave me the warm fuzzies, it did.

Minor monthly obsessions also include:

Apple and peanut butter. I hate peanut butter, but put it on an apple and that stuff is food from the Gods I tell you. FROM THE GODS.

Tattoo Fixers. I mean, who can help but have a giggle when people get awful tattoos in awkward places? Plus, Sketch’s face just says it all. He doesn’t even need to talk. The judgment is always burning in his eyes.

Lasting Collection Concealer. I am constantly swapping and mixing foundations and concealers. I’ve moaned about it on many occasions, but I suffer with cystic acne, so covering those suckers take time and effort. I mean, you think that foundation is full coverage? Think again sister. However, I have been using this concealer in the lightest shade and I have found that, because it can also act as a highlighter, it counteracts the darker acne scars or current breakouts and has a pretty full coverage too. Lovin’ it!

The Hillywood Show. I have been watching this Youtube channel  from day dot. Hannah and Hilly Hindi have come so far, they put so much into their work and it is done with passion and finesse. Their master parodies or popular films, TV shows and pop culture icons are nothing short of mind bending. Sometimes shot for shot replicas, their creative, funny, satirical and spot on details set them apart from the others. I love ’em. Check them out if you have time to spare!   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYRxRuTAtmeE2AiR5WWWHQ

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