Feeling that Rose Gold Vibe.

Hello you lovely lot!


I am loving the aray of copper and rose gold things out at the moment (I had to hold back in Tesco the other day when I saw an entire rose gold kitchen set that didn’t need.) This year, I got a stocking filler that I got a wee bit too excited over: rose gold nail polish.

This particular brand is the Lacura Beauty Mirror ShineĀ and in the colour 03 Bronze. Much like a chrome finish nail polish, when dry it sits somewhere between a regular polish and pearlescent one. It isn’t so much a “mirror”. I mean, it isn’t so polished that you can see your reflection, maybe it’s more “steamed up mirror after you’ve had a shower”. Either way it is still incredibly pretty.

More on the pink side, the shade is warm and relatively neutral. I would class it as definitely SFW (safe for work for those, like me, who still need to use Urban Dictionary to get through the day). It seems classy but with an edge, it’s not your everyday powder pink or warm beige with a gel shine (if that’s even a thing. You see what I’m getting at though, right?)


The dry time is incredibly quick, so wonderful if you’re a wriggler like me. I put on a last minute, quick coat whilst trying to get ready for a night out and not a single smudge occurred through all the coats, zips and toilet trips. However, if you like to take your time, it could, in fact, be a polish that dries too quickly! I know, that sentence feels weird to me too. A nail polish that dries too quickly? Let me explain.

As soon as this polish hits your nail it begins to dry. So if you take too long trying to get a perfect, even coat, it starts to catch and streak. Yet, if you load your brush up (because one coat gives a good, even coverage) and go for gold, just whacking it on, then you should be fine. The second time I used it, it took me three coats to get it perfect, as I took my time and noticed a little streaking (but only because I sat and studied them) but after a third coat they look wonderful.

The down side to this polish is that it recommends you don’t use a top coat, as you may spoil the effect. Therefore, chipping is likely. Especially on the tips where natural wear occurs. It’s not horrendous or particularly obvious, but it is there, just one working day after applying it. It is possible to cover chips and I have found it blends quite well once dry, yet it might be worth another coat on top if it looks a little slap dash.

I would definitely use this polish again, because it suits me, my girly side and my impatient side down to the ground!

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