Ferrero Roche Cupcakes!


Hello lovelies!

I hope your 2016’s are already starting to look up and be bright!

I started mine off doing what I love; entertaining. Last year it was by chance, this year it was by choice. I had a group of some of my wonderful ladies over to mark the first day of the new year as a glorious one. I wanted to start it off right, surrounded by people whose company I enjoy. People who empower me, who make me laugh, who make me feel safe and happy.

To make this extra special, I thought I would attempt a new recipe to go along with the new year. I rarely bake chocolate cake because I can never get it right. It is always too dry, too stodgy, not chocolatey enough, too bitter. However, these were my best attempt yet. Incredibly rich and moist chocolate sponge cake with a Ferrero Roche locked away inside!

After a little googling, I found a yummy looking recipe on the food blog Oh My God Chocolate Dessertswhich I shall link here for you:

The blog itself is lovely, and Vera’s chatty and unique style made me definitely think about trying this particular recipe out. It is easy to follow, with both ingredients and method laid out clearly and simply (however it is measured out in cups, rather than grams… just a heads up!)

A few things I found with the recipe is that it seems really oily, especially once I put it into the liners and it started to bake. Leave it! Once they are cooked they are not greasy at all. I think the oil adds moisture to the sponge! The batter is incredibly thick and I almost added some water to it, but once again, don’t do it! It bakes up perfectly! Definitely make sure you freeze your Ferrero Roche (12 of them, you’ll need 24 in total) so they don’t melt beyond recognition once they’re baking into the centre of your cake. This recipe made 12 exactly for me, using cupcake cases (not fairy cake or muffin cases. I contemplated both, yet I found the former too small and the latter too big).

If anyone fancies trying out a new recipe this year, I encourage you to give this one a go! (Even if they are tricky to eat, they are delicious!)

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