Goals not Resolutions.



Here we go again! Another new year, another clean start!

As per, I have decided to set myself goals. Not resolutions this year, but goals. I’m trying to keep them attainable and challenging myself with things that will make me a better person. Some are harder to achieve than others, some will be life long changes and some are things that could only last for the year. Some are selfish goals and some are not. Either way, instead of things like “get fit” (which used to hit the list every year and never  happen), I have set myself smaller targets such as “put aside time for your writing because you enjoy it” and “stop telling yourself you are stupid/can’t do things.” Instead of giving myself a bucket list of unachievable resolutions, that will ultimately all get left behind or broken, I have set myself a list of things I would like to continue doing or working on, so I can grow as a person.

I guess my over all resolution, a life change that encompasses all my goals, would just be positivity. To think positively, speak positively and give myself room to be a brighter person. I used to say I was a realist… a realist in denial. I was, and right now I still am, a pessimist. I’m so tired of being a pessimist and a worry wart.

2015 went incredibly quickly and, looking back, I rarely did anything exciting for fear of it going wrong, because I was scared, because I let anxiety stop me from reaching my full potential, from exploring, from really being myself and achieving things and experiencing things I was proud of. Not this year. Not 2016.

I am going to try and allow myself to explore, learn and experience new things without any fear or worry. To give myself a break and come to terms with the fact that I am still finding my feet and making mistakes is natural and not a weakness. I must allow myself to laugh and not feel guilty, allow myself to dream and not feel stupid. I am going to try my hardest to let myself live, love, laugh and be young. I put an unnecessary weight on my own shoulders in 2015 and it’s time to lift it.

Here’s to fresh starts, growing, inspiring and motivating yourself to be the best possible version of you!

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