Club Tropicana Drinks Aren’t Free | Blogmas 2015 | Day 18 – 21

Ugh, I was doing so well. This is what happens when life runs away from you.

Much like last year, I did the Christmas party shift at Club Tropicana. I have to say, I do love Club Tropicana. All 80s. All night. It has a much more chilled out vibe than your bog standard club. Fancy dress is the norm, cheesy, guilty pleasure music is on all night long and you can let down your mullet without feeling like you’re being judged. It’s much more of an event than just a club. It’s an all out night of fun and frolics.

I also learnt a lesson in speaking up. Sometimes it is difficult to go against strong people with strong personalities. Especially if you feel smaller, weaker or lesser than them in general. Yet, when you know you are right, you are sure something isn’t one hundred percent there or are concerned, speaking up and not allowing yourself to be shouted down is something you should preserver with. Yes, in these few days I have had a little lesson in self confidence. It isn’t something I am necessarily proud of, as I would rather the conversation not happen at all and I would rather not bare witness or take part in it. Yet, it did make me take a step back and say “believe in yourself just a little bit more Kate.” I guess that’s the bigger picture here. No matter what else fell and flew around us at the time.

On a lighter note (not so much for me, but for you) I ended up getting caught with the most massive derp face by an incredibly well known star (in the UK at least), who is currently in the show I’m working on. He is a bloody nice bloke though, I’ll tell you that. I have nothing but nice words to say about him. One of the most down to earth and genuinely talented performers I have ever met. I don’t know how I constantly manage this though. I think my instant reaction to being nervous or surprised is to pull an especially ugly face or just chat absolute rubbish. I get tongue tied and just decide that pulling horrifying faces is the right answer. Kate, when will you learn, it’s never the right answer?

I also finally caught up with an old school friend. We’ve known each other since we were about five and are still in contact now. How fab is that?! The last time we met up was August, so we decided dinner and a catch up was definitely on the cards. Since everything is like a whirlwind around my ears we planned this around three weeks ago. Three weeks in advance! That’s how busy I am. That was my one and only window before Christmas. So we decided that our local pub would suffice and we would pootle off in search of Sweet Potato Fries and Chocolate Fudge Cake.

We found them. Oh, boy did we find them. We found them good.

They didn’t even last long enough for a photo. Sorry, not sorry.

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