Are They Carrots or a Christmas Hat? |Blogmas 2015 | Day 14 – 16


This not uploading thing was my downfall last year.

Life got in the way as soon as the show I am working on opened. I mean, I’m so busy my breaks generally consist of playing “how much chocolate can Kate shove in her mouth in five minutes” and that is all.


First of all it was time for a Christmas meal with my colleagues. The only people I know who can promise a civilised evening of fancy pasta and wine and end up with pizza, naughty jokes and side splitting laughter.

I mean, we were sitting at the table and my friend started stabbing at the table cloth, right by her side plate full of vegetables. After around two minutes of confused stabbing, all of a sudden she dropped her fork and covered her face with her hands. Worried, I asked her if she was ok. She lean’t over and whispered in my ear, “I’ve been stabbing my christmas cracker hat for two minutes thinking it was a carrot that fell off of my plate.”

How do you even respond to that?

Up next: press night. I know! Me! I went to a press night. Ooo, how fancy.  Now I wasn’t expecting there to be lasagne, but there was. It was a full on pasta dish with salad and everything. I was quite content with a fork in one hand and wine in the other… that was until they brought out the cake. Chocolate fudge cake with fresh, whipped cream. I had just done nine hours at work, I was incredibly tired, my back was sore, I was as bit overwhelmed, I had an allergic reaction to my mascara and my eyes were about ready to fall out of my head, so just to be given yummy food, a comfy chair and a glass of pinot, I felt like I was in heaven.

Last but not least it was my second panto outing of the year, but this time it was a big ole sparkly one, with bangs and explosions, glitter and snow. Every year, as is December tradition, my family and I go to see a pantomime. You may or may not have read my posts banging on about “the magic of panto” and blah, blah, blah. I love it okay? Deal. I’m a child at heart.

This time it was Cinderella and I am telling you now, when the Fairy Godmother flies in, when the Shetland ponies with their little feathered bridles appear , when Cinderella becomes Princess Starlight, when Button’s chats to the audience, when the Ugly Step-Sisters try and hoodwink the Prince: it’s simply magical. It just good family fun, where the answer to everything is simply “magic”. You’ve just got to believe, go with your gut, call out, shout out, sing, clap, join in and let go of all those adult inhibitions that are holding you back!

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