The Mayhem Begins! | Blogmas 2015 | Day 12


It has begun. Glitter, explosions, snow, the whole thing. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, panto has begun with a bang… several, I might add and some strobes for dramatic effect.

Sporting a tiara and a space, laser armband thing (because those appear in all the great fairy tales don’tcha know) I sung and clapped and smiled and laughed. I even did some festive nails. Β A simple french manicure style, but with sparkly silver tips and a top coat of fine holographic glitter, just to add a little razzmatazz. I also found some little, star nail stickers in the pound shop (also by Allure, if anyone read my last Blogmas post, but these actually aren’t bad at all.) I popped those on the thumb and ring finger nails and, hey presto, statement nails. Is that a thing? It must be.

I love pantomime. It’s such a fun, family experience and for many children it’s their first run in with live theatre. To see so many little ones engrossed in and gripped by a story. Joining in and participating. Believing so incredibly hard that the stuffed, green pantyhose with visible fishing wire beanstalk is REALLY growing, that clapping their hands so hard will REALLY save Tinkerbelle and turn back on her battery operated fairy lights and that the papier-mΓ’chΓ© headed child mice REALLY did turn into the Shetland ponies they can see on stage.

At that age it is all about imagination and wanting to believe so much in magic, that you just simply do. It’s that easy. Fart jokes are funny and magic is real. End of conversation.

What I would give to be four again.

Panto spirit is most definitely a thing too. The more you pretend to enjoy yourself “ironically”, the more you actually will enjoy it. To be an adult with panto spirit you have to believe just as much as the four year olds. I most certainly do. That’s the fun of it. The Christmas period is a time to believe in magic and miracles.

So, just like the four year olds, let’s just all believe.

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