Just Call Me Cinderella | Blogmas 2015 | Day 7


It’s been a long day. I made the mistake of dropping off to sleep at 9pm last night. At midnight my brain decided that it was time to wake up and get ready for the day. The moment I closed my eyes after that my mind decided to start a rave in all the wibbly-wobbly compartments of my brain. Insecurity was doing backflips on the dance floor, worry was chugging on a beer funnel and regret was in the centre of a dance circle being cheered on by stupidity, naivety and embarrassment. Happiness was on the decks and contentment was tending bar. All the emotions and memories surged to the surface and I just laid there awake, thinking to myself “if I fall asleep right now, I’ll have exactly 4 hours and 28 minutes left of sleep.”

Honestly brain, sometimes you can be an ass.

I don’t remember the last time there was two seven o’clocks in my day, since I work nights. So when I dragged my sorry arse out of bed this morning to the sound of my screeching alarm, I could not get my sh*t together. I took one look in the mirror and thought, note to self: call Harry Potter and tell him he left his school trunks under my eyes and Hedwig has clearly set up home in my hair.

 I spent my day sorting and cleaning and prepping for the festive period. I sang Disney songs whilst I swept and full on musical numbers whilst I polished.

When asked what my plan was for after work I suddenly realised: it was cleaning. I have literally spent my entire day cleaning. Cleaning, sorting, singing Disney songs and talking to animals, well arachnids to be specific. As soon as I stepped through the door I was cooking and hoovering and staring down my dog as he stole my clean laundry out of the basket and attempted to drag up the garden.

Just call me Cinderella I guess.

Now where’s my gown, never mind a prince. I was promised fancy shoes. Where they at?!

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