Wrapping Up Like a Little (Storm) Trooper | Blogmas 2015 | Day 3


‘Ello you lovely lot!

Feeling festive yet? I’m getting there, slowly but surely. As the Christmassy bits and bobs mount, presents start to arrive (because I’m all modern and do it off Amazon), decorations start to go up, the treats start to appear, work is getting more and more festive… I’m starting to feel the magic.

Today was an attempt to get ahead of the game wrapping wise. I found a nice gold wrapping paper and attempted to wrap up all of the little bits I have bought for my family to put into their ‘tree present’ bags.

However, we seem to have adopted a no knock policy in this house. My Mum goes out to walk the dog so I seize the moment, shove on The Empire Strikes Back and hastily (but nicely) start wrapping her presents. Then, all of a sudden, in she bowls like Mama Rose entering an auditorium. SING OUT KATE, SING OUT!

I just threw myself on top of the presents and eyed the one that had fallen off the bed with anger and slight despair. Please not another gift ruined! (I booked a weekend get away for my parents… and the company sent the confirmation TO MY MUM.)

So I decided a safer bet was to wrap my Nan’s presents since she lives down the road. Nope. My Nan turned up unannounced and just barrelled into my room. Luckily the paper was covering the largest presents but I had to make up so many excuses to get her to leave long enough to hide everything!

I can’t decide if the women in my life have very good or very bad tact and/or timing.

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