The Search for Stocking Fillers | Blogmas 2015 | Day 2

Snowflake - CKC

Today my Dad and I had some Daddy-Daughter time as I dragged him around the local craft shops. What? It was for research purposes, okaaaayyy?! Well, either way, my Dad asked for it. He literally asked me to take him to somewhere where he could get my Mum a good christmas present.

This year I have been saving my pennies and I have been decided to spoil my close family a little more than usual. I have decided they are all in need of more substantial “tree” presents… which is really just a small present that it supposed to be set into the tree, in place of a stocking. It’s a stocking for adults.

So I went for it. Bits and bobs they need and use, things they would like, that relate to their interests and hobbies, little in jokes and things to make them smile. E’rrrrybody got new pants for the new year now!

I also saw an advert for a charity called Crisis at Christmas, who I am thinking of giving a donation to in place of a few of those extra presents. Since I am working over the entire festive period, with just Christmas Eve/Day off, I can’t give too much time to anything but work and my family, because let’s face it, I am lucky to have both of those things. Christmas is a time for celebrating what you have and cherishing your family, friends and the successes you have surrounding you, no matter how big or small. So therefore, I feel that if I can, I want to give to people who aren’t fortunate enough to have the things I do. It’s a personal choice, but I just feel like that now I have a little bit saved up it would be nice to give it to something worth while.

I also got caught up in the christmas tat aisles in the craft shop. Needless to say… snowflake fairy lights happened.

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