It’s Blogmas b*tches! | Blogmas 2015 | Day 1

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Here we go! I’m so Christmassy, y’all have no idea! I spent my first few hours of December 2015 binge watching Threadbanger videos on Youtube. Yeah, that’s right, festive… ok, ok not festive at all. I should have had a midnight mince pie and all my blood would have turned to eggnog or something.

However, it hit me at 3 am that it was 24 days until Christmas day!

The consumerist in me screamed, “noooooo! I haven’t finished my shopping, let alone attempted to wrap anything! Where did November go?!”

Today, I went to a session on relaxed performance in theatre, as the panto I will be working on is doing a relaxed performance. What is a relaxed performance I hear you cry! Well, thanks for asking, I shall inform.

A relaxed performance, or RP, is a performance of a show specifically geared towards those who feel they can’t attend or don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to attend a run of the mill theatre show. This could be for numerous reasons, but it is mainly due to a disability, mental or physical, of any degree: from demetia, to autism, to learning difficulties. Everyone is welcome, there is an open door policy, you can make noise, leave the room, you know what’s happening in advance (through a visual guide sent out to you before the show) and there is no fear of any loud noises, bangs, flashes, scares. It’s all done so everyone can feel welcome and included and… well… relaxed!

Honestly, I’m so excited for this show. I think it will be incredible to do something so all encompassing and inclusive. To take the weight off of people and let everyone enjoy and experience the magic of pantomime! It’s a christmas tradition in the UK after all!

Fingers crossed it all goes as well as we hope! It sounds like it’s going to be a real humdinger!

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