The Dastardly Blogging Hiatus

Yes, I know. I’ve already slapped my wrists. I’m a very bad blogger.

I get it. I’m sorry, but life happened. The world happened.

My work load increased, my sleep time depleted, my motivation slumped, my health took a tumble, my social life all but stopped and my heart didn’t seem to be in anything.

But here I am. Back to where I started. Just a girl with a love of writing. 

When my mind is fuzzy and my heart is heavy I will forever yearn to write.

Writing is my solace.

I can sit and immerse myself in a blank document, a clean page, the back of my hand, a un-used napkin, a scrap of paper, a leaflet or a flyer.

Sometimes I just sit and make up stories in my head. How things would be different if this or that happened. What would this be like if I changed that factor or added this in? Sometimes I see something or hear something that triggers this insane brainwave and suddenly I become inspired to write. I can’t always get it down on paper, but those are the moments when I feel most at home, calm and in control.

Sometimes I write things for myself. Sometimes I write things for others and sometimes I write things to share with everyone, which end up here.

When things get silly, when things get exciting, when things get too much for me and I just want to write and get it all out. That’s when I reach out to my blog and the wonderful people who take the time to read my posts, like, comment, follow, even just pop along for a quick peruse. The support means the world to me. It motivates me and I suddenly start thinking ‘hey! I’m not just talking to myself!’

When my motivation and inspiration is lying dormant, and no matter how much I try and call upon it, it just will not budge, that is when I know I just need to take a step back. Just for a little while to re-group.

Writing is part of my life. It will always come back to me. It is simply when and where that is the problem. So I was thinking. I may write up everything I haven’t filled you in on. A post here, a post there. Nothing too scheduled. THEN I will attempt to attack the beast that is BLOGMAS.

It will be crazy as I will be in theatre-land once again. Busting a gut along with 100 other people, bringing one heck of a good pantomime to the masses (I might be exaggerating… I might not. I’ll definitely be working on a panto though!)

My brain says yes, unless anything crazy happens. Let’s see what my imagination and motor skills decide between themselves shall we?

Ciao for now!

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