The Nostalgia Edition: My First Attempt at Cake Decorating!

‘Ello there fellow losers and singers alike!

If you have had a flick through my previous posts, you may have realised that I really like baking. It calms me and infuriates me in equal measure. Like everything I love I guess. I like to test my limits and see what I can do, since actual keep-yourself-alive cooking is not my strong point.

I was looking through some old files and found a few pictures of my first ever “fancy bake”… or sculpted cake. This was when my interest in baking and cake decorating peaked and I started to get creative.

That year I was told to sort my own birthday cake and I may or may not have had a teeny, tiny obsession with just a small, little, indie programme called Glee (translated: just call me the mega fangirl of one of the most groundbreaking TV series in modern history). 

Well, that was that sorted then.

Throwback to when my birthday cake became a Glee cake!


I started off buying the actual big cake (I was only really experimenting with cupcakes at that time, so the actual cake was a step too far) which was covered in stars, because we all know Rachel Berry is a star.

I then trawled the internet for ideas. This was before Pinterest was big, so you can imagine the man hours and google power I spent on this thing. I wanted something simple I could just try out, but everything was a little bit out of my league. I wanted something that looked pretty, and different too, but it wasn’t too tough for me to be cracking on with in between party planning. I stumbled upon a few cakes shaped like the iconic slushy cups and I had a brain wave.

I had a few smaller, polystyrene cups hanging around in a cupboard, so I found some “big quench” labels online, fitted them to the cups and stuck them on  (with pritt stick, PVA did not work).

I stuffed the bottom of the cups to give some height and popped a cupcake in the top so it domed out ever so slightly.  I then used buttercream to ice them into the cup, covering the icing with neon sugar strands.


My favourite one was the blue one, since the sugar stood out so much, so that one took pride of place on top of the cake with some good old sparklers in it (oop, showing my age there a bit!)

The others became the slushies of lurrrrvvve. I found a few photos of my favourite character couples, printed the pictures twice (once as it is and once reversed), stuck them back to back with a cocktail stick sandwiched between them and popped them in the top of the other slushies.

Simple pimple and it looked relatively impressive to the people who knew who they were or what the hecky a Big Quench was!

Sometimes it is the simple things. Things don’t always need to be difficult to make an impact. Just do your research , persevere and give things a go. You never know what it could lead to!

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