Have I Found The Perfect Morticia Red? |Nail Polish Review.

Dun-dun-dun-dun *click click*, dun-dun-dun-dun *click click*

‘Ello you creepy little lot!

How are we all?

Halloween is fast approaching, but I’m saving the nail art cobwebs for the big day itself. Yet, I did come across a beautiful blood red shade, which would be perfect if anyone is thinking of dressing up as Morticia Addams this year!


Yes, it’s another Barry M polish from the Gelly Hi-Shine range, however, this time I have gone big and bold with the colour Blood Orange, no. 520.

What I liked about this shade is, first and fore mostly, how bright it was. It is a real, stand out, pillar box red. You can’t miss it! A lot brighter than the wine shades I know and love. As with most Barry M products, the pigmentation is very good and only one coat is needed to get good coverage and colour. No streaks, no blotches or patches. I was pleasantly surprised!

It is a shade on the slightly more orange side of red, but only incredibly slight, to the point where you couldn’t even see it. I only noticed the first time I put it on after having worn very light colours all through the summer. It is also a nice shade of red for this time of year: bright enough to still feel summery but dark enough to start feel autumnal, before you slip into your dark greys and wine reds (I have them all at the ready!)


The shine was quite good, I didn’t feel like I needed a top coat to add that freshly polish gleam. I did, however, add a top coat as the wear isn’t as good as some of the lighter colours. Probably just because it is far more noticeable with brighter or deeper colours. The further from the natural nail colour, the worse the wear looks. That’s just how it is. Although, I found the tips incredibly easy to touch up and the fresh coats blended really well with the rest of the nail.

The dry time was relatively quick and I was impressed. I think because you only need one coat to get that vibrant rd colour all over, it’s easier to leave the layers thinner and therefore they dry faster. NAIL LOGIC… BOOM.

This is honestly a beautiful, in your face red, that makes me feel strong, polish and a little bit wicked!

P.S. Happy Back to the Future day!! We all made it and we actually have some sort of hovercraft (it’s not a hovercraft, its an electric skateboard turned sideways, but we tried!) So everyone watch out for that DeLorean, ok? Ok.

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