Happy Little Victories | Cumberbatch & Cuddles.

‘Ello lovely people, 

How are we all feeling this fine Sunday?

I hope this week has been as good for you as it has for me. Even though it is started to get incredibly frosty, the sun is still shining in Blighty and therefore the most wonderful weather is occurring, well for us pasty faces out there. The vampirically pale amongst us means we can go outside and not burn or boil because the clouds roll across just enough to take the edge off and the wind means we don’t cook and cover up with coats!

So aside from the weather, here’s a few other things that have made me really appreciate life and being alive:


Lunch with this view and wonderful company. Even my camera couldn’t cope with the beauty and decided to go sepia when I focused it. The sun was shining so brightly on the bay that my iPhone just couldn’t even!

I spent a couple of hours with one of my nearest and dearest friends, chitter chatting over an egg mayo baguette and a sausage sandwich.



I stepped out of my comfort zone and attempted to new kind of cupcake recipe. I saw that Anna Saccone made a baking video, where she made pear and toffee cupcakes. So I said to myself, let’s go and make some! It’s only 10pm at night and I definitely have all of these ingredients.

I didn’t have all of the ingredients. I lied.

So they turned out to be an indefinite amount of pear and butterscotch sauce cupcakes. I also used a random bag of light brownish sugar I found in the cupboard.

They were edible at least.

I also caved and bought The Amazing Book is not on Fire. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy this right now. I need to save. Then i was sitting at work, got bored, temptation led me to my Amazon wish list and what do you know. The next day this ended up on my door step.

It is a beautiful book, and it is clear that a lot of work has gone into it. Visually stunning and a wonderfully funny and interesting book for any YouTube fan!



It was time to inject some personality into our puppets during this weeks BFG rehearsals! So we took the puppets on a date with the BFG himself. With Josh, our Big Friendly Giant, one side of the tiny puppet table, the rest of us brought in our puppets to the romantic table for two setting and they had a whale of a time. It was great fun and I feel like I am constantly improving! There is something about fixing your focus on the inanimate object in order to animate it, rather than looking at the person who is talking to you.

It goes against all your fundamental etiquette skills, but we are slowly getting the hang of it!



I did it. I saw the Cumberbatch perform Hamlet. He was incredible.

The set was just phenomenal, and coming straight from work and being so tired I could barely hold my head up, it was something focused on when I lost concentration in the words. Shakespeare is something you always need to focus on to understand exactly what they are saying. the old world language can be difficult to follow. It was a wonderful mix of tradition and modernisation, with ladies in ball gowns and feathered head pieces and the men in jeans and hoodies, Hamlet wearing a wonderful, slightly bedazzled blazer, collar upturned and his rightful titled almost tip-exed onto the back.

The show was wonderful if not a little lengthy. Benedict really led the way and gave everything from laughter to tears, portraying the vulnerability that not all actors can see in the Prince. Praise also has to go to Ciarán Hinds, as he was deliciously evil as Claudius, but not overly so. You could tell there was something fundamentally wrong with the character, without him throwing it in your face.

God, I could waffle on all day about Cumberbatch and cast, but I shan’t. It shall only end in fan girling and tears.

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