Nutty Nails – Barry M review

It was a buy-one-get-one-half-price in Superdrug ok? I know I don’t need any more nail polish, but I really wanted to get a neutral shade, instead of all those neon colours I’ve been hoarding from my “alternative” phase. Therefore, whilst I was browsing the wracks I spotted a few lighter, more natural shades in the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range, eventually going for the colour Almond, 525.


I have a love for Barry M, since the colours are bold, bright and incredibly pigmented. They seem to last for quite a while as well. I have a bright yellow and slime green that are still going strong about 5 years on! As stated on the bottle, you really do need a base coat with Barry M nail polishes, simply to protect your nails. The colours are so intense and so pigmented, they can stain. I went with my Maybelline Dr. Rescue All in One, as per. I also used this as a top coat too because… all in one duh! Why buy two when you could just buy one?! I’m on top of this nail biz I tell you!

I also paired this colour with a mixed texture, champagne gold glitter from Beauty Box. It doesn’t have a specific name, it was just one of those ones I saw in a set in a charity shop and thought, “ooo bargain!”


As I have said before, Barry M polishes are incredibly pigmented, and this is no exception. One relatively thick coat and I was ready to go. I found that the consistency is great too. Not super thin, leaving you with streaks or uneven layers and not so thick it’s gloopy and sticking to everything, leaving dog-eye-booger-esque strings from pot to nail.

It dries relatively quickly, quicker than I thought for a polish of this consistency and leaves an okay shine. It’s not as shiny as you would expect when the phrase “hi-shine” is in it’s name. The finish is little bit hit and miss with a few of my nails looking really polished and a few looking rather dull once dried. Nothing you can’t fix with a good top coat, but still, that was a little disappointing. That may, however, have just been me not having the patience to let it dry fully before getting ants in my pants and needing to do something.


The colour is lovely, but a little odd. It actually seems to have a purple tinge to it once it dries (something I am not opposed to). The longer I wore it, the more purple it seemed to get. Even my friends asked me if it was a shade of purple or a fawny brown. They couldn’t even tell. I think if you are wanting a very neutral colour, maybe Lychee would be a better shade for you.

The wear on it was relatively good. For someone who works with their hands a lot, after around 3 days there was only a little bit of wear on the tips, which is unavoidable really. I would think it could last you up to 5 days before it needed re-doing, depending on your top/base coat, what you’re doing, how many coats you put on and the condition of your nails. I was happy with it and have worn it several times. I feel that a little touch of sparkle is needed to lift it, but I say that about everything.

A lovely neutral shade, with good pigmentation and good wear.

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2 thoughts on “Nutty Nails – Barry M review

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Aww thanks! I do love a good berry colour, but I’m still clinging onto the last dregs of summer so wanted to wear a lighter colour. I’m saving the burgundies for Christmas and the blood red for Halloween! x

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