Vegan Chocolate Brownies!


Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another episode of bake with Kate!

(If there are any producers from Blue Peter reading… was that not a fabulous entrance?)

I was brave and tried something different. Incredibly different to what I usually do: Gluten free, vegan, sweet potato chocolate brownies.

I decided to have a go at something raw and vegan just to try new things and attempt to eat the odd healthy treat… or healthier at least. After flipping through Deliciously Ella’s blog, bookmarking and dribbling over recipes, I finally found her cook book. A beautiful, hardback, physical edition of all the things on her blog, that could live under my salt pig and get covered in kitchen muck (aka ingredients that didn’t make it into the bowl).

However, I clearly didn’t look too far into my sweet potato stock. I made more sweet potato fries than I initially thought and this meant I had to actually use my maths skills to halve the brownie recipe.

I think I might have done it wrong.

So if you would like to have a go at it yourself and probably be more successful than me, the link to the full recipe, ingredients and even a youtube video about it is HERE.

Now this was incredibly out of my cooking comfort zone, but I was determined to have a go at something completely different.

It was definitely a challenge. It was difficult to work with food you have never used in that capacity before, for example using sweet potato to make brownies! No flour, no eggs, not even oil. It was odd, and I leaned on the recipe heavily, but now I have attempted it once, I know what I liked and didn’t like and can adapt the recipe next time I make it.

I like to give all recipes a second chance, unless they really are foul.


The first thing you need to do is peel and steam your sweet potatoes until they are falling apart.


Then, chuck them in the Hulk of all the kitchen implements: a food processor. Add your pitted dates too and whizz it up until it forms a smooth paste.

Tip: make sure you have the right blade in. Whilst the potato is soft, the dates might be harder and need a blade that will chop them rather than smash them. Can’t you tell I use food processors all the time. Yes, chop and such are technical terms for the blades.   


Combine everything else in a bowl and then add your potato-date mix and stir it all up.


Pop it into a lined/silicon tray (I have a silicon one and it works wonders) and stick it in the oven at 180°c for around 20-25 minutes. Make sure you can poke it with something sharp and it comes out clean (I recommend a fork or toothpick, rather than a meat cleaver or something just a silly or weird). Once cooked, take out of the oven and let cool for at least ten minutes so it all sticks together properly. Last thing you need to brownie grunge everywhere!

Tip: Make sure your tin is deep rather than wide. Strike a good balance. These brownies don’t have any raising agent, so they won’t rise in the oven, they will be as thick as the mixture is when you lay it in. My instincts told me this, but as you can see int he picture, I didn’t listen. (I also went crazy with the fork. Get your mixture even so it cooks evenly too).

I made a chocolate-maple glaze to go on mine, since I found it was no where near chocolatey enough and I found it a little bitter if I took a large bite, however that could have just been the dates… which aren’t bitter, I just don’t like them all that much. The glaze definitely helped. Just raw coco powder and maple syrup. That’s it.


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