Happy Little Victories | Blood, Sweat and Peanut Butter

‘ello lovelies!

How has this week been treating you all? For me, this week has been super full on. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken and when I’m not, I have been in rehearsals for The BFG! I have barely had any time to myself to slob and mindlessly browse the internet, yet I have had a good time, tried new things, learnt a lot and had fun doing it.


I started the week going out on the hunt for new jeans and ended up being roped into a charity coffee morning. I thought it was weird when my Mum perked up at the idea of shopping. She usually has no desire to  watch me try on pair after pair of jeans. So when I beelined for New Look but was dragged down a side alley to a conference building, I knew the jig was up.

It was a bizarre experience as it was all about cancer and cancer charities. I know and have known a lot of people with cancer. I have seen it diagnosed and cured, I have seen people fight, people go to the brink and back and some people not come back at all. So no amount of luke warm coffee or glittery cupcakes could make the lump in my throat go away.

If I had time to prepare for this, braced myself, known in advance, I would have been alright. Yet, there was something so raw about this situation I found myself in, that I just couldn’t bring myself to answer their questions. I felt so on the spot that it was difficult to speak freely and give them any kind of help or anything of value.

In short, I felt a bit like a knob.




The autumn is well and truly settled in, with crisp air and orange leaves (and Daddy Long Legs, which isn’t great). With that comes the first table read for Nineteen12’s BFG. It was amazing to sit down with the entire cast I am going to be working with, see a mock up of the set, a mock up of the puppets and finally get my hands on that beautiful new script. Mmmm, I love me a new script.

 With everything feeling so magical and autumnal I wanted to crack out my new boots. I absolutely love them, and whilst they were little pricey at £30.00 (from Deichman) they are incredibly comfy and cosy. With thick soles, waterproof bottoms and knitted panels around the ankles, they are prefect for this kinda wet, kinda cold but not torrential winter weather. The colour may look very similar to a specific shade of dog poo, but I’m learning to match the rest of my clothes with the dog poo shade. I already found a nice scarf!


Reese’s sticks.

Food from the Gods.

I was getting my script bound for the BFG and I came across these in the shop next-door. If you enjoyed peanut butter kit kats (as I did), these are for you. They are absolutely the best. Wafer, peanut butter and chocolate… what is there not to love.

I’m telling you now, I ate them so fast I nearly didn’t get this picture.

They needed to be mentioned, they’re too fabulous other own good.

basic banner_Fotor


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