Following the Yellow Brick Road| ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Themed Cupcakes!


‘Ello lovelies!

What an absence that was, but it was all for a good reason, as I was whisked off down the yellow brick road and when I wasn’t in the merry old land of Oz, I was asleep!

Honestly, I enjoyed being in the Emerald City everyday but it left me with less energy than a sloth! However, I did muster up enough energy to indulge myself in my favourite past time: baking.

I decided to bake some cupcakes for all those involved but of course I can’t just make cupcakes, I had to go the whole hog and engineer some decorations to go on top of them.

I raided my supplies to see what tools I had for a touch of inspiration and managed to come up with four designs, which I sat up at one in the morning executing. I like to experiment and play around with stuff. I like to get creative and use my imagination to make fun additions for my bakes, but, with these, I pushed myself a little. Considering my lack of actual taught skill (I’m completely self taught or I learn from watching youtube and the like), my lack of cake decorating tools and the fact I like to give myself as little time as possible, from start to finish, to bake and decorate anything, I was quite proud of them!

The first design was the ‘poppies’.


The poppies are the Wicked Witch of the West’s creation. Laced with an eternal sleeping potion, she plants them all around the Emerald City in order to literally stop Dorothy and her friends in their tracks.

I had a poppy mould, but it took too long and didn’t even work, leaving me stuck with an idea and no way of making it reality! So I sat and had a good, old think. I used some ready to roll, red icing and cut three circles out of it. Using a sharp knife, I cut a pointed tip on each of them, so they became tear drop shaped. I then used a tool (that you can pick up in Tesco) that looked a little like a clam, to make the indentations on the petals, adding a little texture. I then layered two petals at an angle on top of each other, pinching the bottom points together to draw them in in the centre, before adding a third petal at the back to seal them all into a flower. I them added some edible, black glitter to the centre of the poppy, ragging the excess out onto the petals a little. I trimmed the back and popped them on the cake!

The ‘OZ’ letters were cut out of ready to roll, black fondant icing and them dusted with a few coats of gold edible glitter. I meant for them to be two separate designs, but as I put them to the side on the same plate, they looked so pretty I changed my mind!

The second design was the ‘Glinda’.


Glinda is the Good Witch of the North, the protector of the Munchkins and later of Dorothy.

This was the simplest design to do as I didn’t have to make anything for it! I used some edible, neon pink sugar strands, along with some baby pink shimmer sugar strands to make a base (as Glinda’s dress is pink, silver and incredibly sparkly). I then used a pink Dr. Oetker sugar butterfly as a centre point and made a delicate curve out of pastel pink and white shimmery sugar pearls.

The third design is the ‘Wicked Witch’.


The Wicked Witch of the West is one of the most famous literary baddies of all time. With green skin, a hooked nose, a pointed black hat and a gnarled broomstick, she is the ultimate baddie (or not, if you have seen Wicked.)

Much like Glinda’s cupcakes I used a neon sugar, this time green, to create a base. I then layered another delicate curve of edible, shimmery pearls around the cake, following the curve of the icing, this time in green and purple. I then made some teeny witches hats to sit on the top.

I cut some small circles (using a small piping nozzle as a cutter) out of ready to roll, black icing and then used my fingers to flatten them out, making the edges slightly curved and wobbly. These will act as the brims of the hats. I then cut out some slightly larger circles and wrapped them around the same piping nozzle, to create a cone. Once it had stuck together, I eased it off and squidged the top together, bending it over a little to create a bent and battered tip of the hat. I then stuck the top cone to the bottom circle of the hat with a little water, blending the edge as much as I could without denting the cone. I covered the entire thing in some edible, black glitter and popped them on top of the cakes!

The final design was the ‘Ruby Slippers’.


The Ruby Slippers are at the crux of the story (well, the silver slippers until MGM got their hands on it). Magical shoes, worn by the Wicked Witches sister, which give the wearer great power. Glinda gifts them to Dorothy to stop the Wicked Witch having them for herself. Dorothy clicks her heels together three times in these babies and they send her right to where her heart is: home.

Much like the witches cupcakes, I started with neon sugar, but this time yellow to represent the yellow brick road. Then I did a swirl around the entire cupcake, following the movement of the icing, in white and blue edible pearls. I chose these because they are the colour of Dorothy’s traditional gingham dress.

I made the shoes from ready to roll, red icing. I played around with a small ball of icing until I had the desired show shape. Then, using a small ball tool (again, which I got from Tesco), I pushed down into the centre of it, making an indentation in the shoe to create the inside. I added a small blob of icing to the back of the show to create a heel and dusted them all over with a very light pink, holographic glitter. I used this simply because I didn’t have any white or red glitter, but it worked out fine!

The cupcakes I used were a simple vanilla sponge, which I cored and filled with a salted caramel sauce. The icing was a Betty Crocker vanilla style buttercream (because ‘aint nobody got time to make buttercream at 1 am!)

I hope you guys like this and feel inspired to get creative and unleashed your inner artist! Enjoy your week and don’t forget that imagination wins out!

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5 thoughts on “Following the Yellow Brick Road| ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Themed Cupcakes!

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Thanks! Yeah I am. I just watch a lot of cake making shows, like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss, and try replicating techniques I see them use. Then if I struggle with something I’ll look it up online or on YouTube 🙂 I’ve never had any proper cake decorating classes as such (just one fun one on holiday once that they put on at the campsite. They only really showed us how to swirl buttercream though). Thank you for reading! 🙂 x

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