Happy Little Victories | Curious Cats & Falling Down Rabbit Holes.


‘Ello my loves,

How are we all? I hope you are all well and are, once again, finding reasons to smile.

I’m going to be honest here, since we’re all friends. I took a week away from my computer last week, as when I sat down to write, all motivation left me. I felt completely tired and all out of ideas. I wrote a couple of things, but neither seemed to work. I wasn’t proud of them. I didn’t like the content. I didn’t like the flow.

I have been struggling a little of late to find that getup and go I usually have. There are lots of little things happening all around me, but I just can’t seem to get my bum in gear and engage with them. I love writing, but whenever I sat down and set my fingers, poised over the keyboard, it felt like a burden. This is an incredibly rare thing for me, as writing is a passion, hobby and escape for me. I write everything and anything and always find some sort of comfort and peace whilst doing it.

So I took a step away and just attempted to live. Not worry about anything, not force myself into anything and just enjoy everything around me. I set my focus on taking chances, my emotions and pushing myself out of the comfort zones I am rapidly building for myself.

My writing comes from my heart, and when my heart is not in it, I feel like I need to just take a step back for a moment.

Saying that, whilst I was away I did do some amazing things last week and felt totally refreshed this week. So without further-a-do, here are my happy little victories from the last week!



My friend made another impromptu monday night visit. It was nice to simply sit and enjoy someone’s company. Due to the rather sudden nature of her arrival I didn’t have any food. So I whacked out my recipe book and flipping through I saw my recipe for Pizza Cups, which I posted on here a while back. We raided the cupboards and got to work and made a fabulous pizza feast! Does anyone else wonder why you and your friends aren’t comedians? Yeah, we do all the time. We were cry-laughing at each others silliness. Silliness and laughter is the best mood brightener you could ever wish for.



As my friend casually died from the plague on my bed the night before, I put a carrot cake in the oven. Why not? Yet, it was about 1am at this point so it didn’t get finished. The next day I attempted to cut the damn thing in half… it was a bit of a doorstep but hey ho, it was cake, that’s all that matters. My vanilla buttercream was a little bit on the sweet side, so to cut through it I sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon on top. Throw some edible pearls at it and golly gosh we’ve got ourselves a cake!



I have been planning my birthday party! An un-birthday afternoon tea party (Alice in Wonderland fancy dress optional) as I won’t be holding it on my actual birthday, so what better way to celebrate you not-birthday than with an un-birthday party?!  I went a little crazy on eBay and everything arrived the same morning in a windfall of whimsy and excitement. Now I have many, MANY beautiful and intricate little presentation pieces, such as these super cute little ‘Eat Me’ cake domes to house all the jam tarts and macaroons!



On Thursday my little dog decided to climb up onto my lap for a cuddle whilst I was catching up on a bit of telly I had missed working the antisocial hours. I don’t mind missing it though. I love my job to bits. My Dog, the little monster he is, is incredibly cuddly. He’s a right softy with begging eyes to rival Puss in Boots. Yet, he doesn’t often come into my room and jump on the bed and snuggle up. He knows where he is and isn’t allowed, but sometimes he just can’t resist a cuddle… and I couldn’t help but indulge him!



This last one was my weekly highlight. I have been waiting for this for so long. I finally went to see Les Enfants Terrible’s  ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’. As you may have twigged by the party theme, I adore “Alice in Wonderland”. I always have. So this was a massive deal for me. I have read the books, performed the play, but now, thanks to Les Enfants Terrible, I got to live the story too.

This show is complete and utter genius. It is not conventional, not by any means, but it is an interactive and immersive piece of theatre which takes you from the theatre settings of it’s waiting area, deep underground (no, actually underground. It is built in the vaults underneath Waterloo station). You become a playing card, sorted into suits and given your identification card before you set off on your journey, following the likes of the white rabbit and you skip through the woods, duck and dive as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum cause mayhem above you and take a seat at the Mad Hatter’s tea party as he, the March Hare and the Door Mouse take turns to sing you songs and stomp on your crockery. You learn secret codes, spy on wonderland crime scenes, eat the “Eat Me” cookies, drink the “Drink Me” potion, visit the Mock Turtle in his lagoon and all before all the cards (yes, you) are called to sit as the jury in the Queen of Heart’s court room.

It is an experience. You don’t just watch it but you live it and breath it along with the actors. The sets are simply exquisite with something new everywhere you look. I was apprehensive at first and convinced someone was going to jump out on me or try and scare me, but there was none of that. Everything felt incredibly safe and fun. There are separate performances for children that can be deemed a little less full on. Honestly, it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen!

And the best bit is once you have finished the show, you follow Alice into her own bar and nightclub, in which you are welcome to stay for however long you like. There is a live jazz band, a cafe, flamingo croquet, acrobats and a big ole dance floor to boogie on all night long! (If you stay long enough, the cast may even come on stage and sing the un-birthday song too!)



Phew! What a week!

I hope you’re all doing things that make you happy!

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