Happy Little Victories | Sunshine & Tw*tblossoms?

‘Ello Lovelies and happy Sunday!


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It is the end of a funny old week over in the land of Kate. It started off incredibly slow, with very little to think positively about. Not a lot was happening and when something was going right it was overshadowed by something going wrong, as if the world was out to get me!

Yet, the ‘happy little victories’ series makes me find the positives in every single day. It really is the small things that can make you happiest. It is not always about trips out and adventures, making big achievements, reaching life goals or saving the world. Sometimes it is just about sunshine, finishing a chapter in your book, seeing a sweet scene or receiving a nice text. Just the littlest things can make the biggest difference.



As I have said, this week was particularly hard, mainly because my Nan went into hospital to have a “routine” operation that, when it comes to my Nan, is not routine at all and in actual fact had the ability to prove fatal.

So as she left the house and left me at home my heart dropped into my stomach like a breeze block. I woke up at 6.30 that morning because I was so worried and could not stop the tears as I paced around all day waiting to hear from my parents or the hospital. I could not focus on anything, so therefore struggled to do anything other than mindlessly watch videos on youtube.

The phone would ring and I would run to it, only to be greeted by yet ANOTHER sales call. I try not to be rude to people who make sales calls as I have friends who work in call centres who don’t want to be there, but it is a job at the end of the day. However, when you are on edge, waiting for an important phone call, and all you’re getting is people trying to sell you insurance and charities you already give money to monthly trying to up your donation from £2 to ten, it gets a little tiresome.

I did, however, do little things that I don’t usually do. Like I did some colouring, I made a batch of “proper coffee” in my cafetiere, opened up some new smelly candles I have been keeping in the cupboard and lit them all. Little things to try and improve my surroundings. I didn’t feel like watching a film or jumping around to a musical soundtrack like I normally would with the house to myself. I couldn’t ben bring myself to read or write, which is usually my solace.

Yet, I am glad to report that my Nan came home safely and relatively in one piece.  (She was alive and doing OK, just a few bruises because that woman is like a peach. Poke her too hard and it looks like a leech gave her a hickey).



I got to witness a Motown legend in action. I have an incredibly eclectic music taste. Hidden amongst the show tunes, Wham! albums and film soundtracks are the likes of AC/DC, Fall Out Boy, Muse, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Frankie Valli, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, S Club 7, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, David Bowie… the list is endless and all over the place. So, for some it may not have been the most ideal night out, but for me it was spontaneous and wonderful!



I spent the hottest day of the year (and in Europe apparently) working with tonnes of school children. It was an event trying to get younger children into music, appreciating orchestras and the beauty of different instruments. After watching over a thousand children bounce around in their seats to the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean music, I crossed all my appendages that I would not end up clearing up sick before the next lot came in. I am pleased to report on this incredibly hot and slush puppy filled day, there was only one slightly purple sick to clear up. I call that a success!



I went out for dinner with a friend and then onto an improv comedy show. For anyone who has never seen improv comedy, it involves sketches made up on the spot by a group of actors/comedians, often involving odd and unrelated phrases, themes, characters and scenarios given to them at random by the audience. Sometimes it’s pure comedy gold and sometimes it’s total and utter sh*te. However, my friend and I had the most wonderful afternoon and evening watching these guys perform. The guts it takes to get up and do that is unreal and by the end of it, we were almost tempted to give it a go ourselves… almost.

My favourite lines involved quotes from Mean Girls, Spamalot and another one to add to the list of odd new words I have never heard of and don’t know what they mean: “twatblossom”. Yes, I had to urban dictionary, I said that I would be doing that now didn’t I? (If I didn’t mention it, check this post here)

Anyway, there is a list of things that happened in my week that I tried to find the bright side of. Sometimes lives are not all that, but we live and learn through them. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

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